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Operations manager solutions

Maintain the control and visibility of your entire operations

Operations managers face the important task of ensuring operational field staff safety while increasing the productivity of their teams operations. Managing the dispatching and operation of your workforce and being responsible for management over both human resources and organisational assets including vehicle fleets is no easy task.

By extending your telematics solutions with keyless entry and driver access management, the capabilities to manage and control your operations are endless. A unified platform providing solutions for health and safety compliance, fleet management including maintenance management and vehicle access control within a single solution simplifies management and allows you to visualise all your assets and workforce performance on a single platform.

Keystone for industrial operations management

We understand your challenges and built Keystone for the way you work. From vehicle to driver management and everything in between. No more manual paperwork, lack of data insights or unable to report on the things that matter. You can now easily enforce maintenance checklists, control drivers access to vehicles, easily gather information for incidents, and much more. Discover why fleet operational managers rely on Keystone to get the job done since they get to define what’s needed!

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Improve driver behaviour

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Lower costs and risks

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Meet compliance and legal requirements

Key industrial operations management software features

From right-sizing your fleet to optimizing the utilization of assets and personnel, you can now easily determine whether to retain, replace, reallocate or remove vehicles and operators from your fleet based upon real usage data, driver history, performance and more.

  • Improve your field operations with enforced checklists
  • Automate vehicle inspection points with quick QR codes
  • Deploy a roles based system determine who can drive, when and how
  • Improve safety compliance including OSHA
  • Ensure operator training certification tracking
  • Improve your ability to respond on incident reporting
  • Gamify daily work by offering prizes for impact free months
  • Gain the data insights and reports you always wanted
  • And more…

Keystone for OEM’s

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One last thing…

We also know it takes a team to be the best, that is why Keystone helps you work more easily with your Sales & Marketing Manager, Fleet Manager and Health & Safety Officer.

Want to learn more? Let’s talk about how Keystone can help you!

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