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Trusted security comes from experience

The trusted security technology layer behind Keystone actually started life in the movie business, where the largest movie and gaming studios needed a bullet-proof solution to securely transfer digital media content. Transfers between entities, through to local cinemas and gamers around the world had to happen, without risk of intellectual property theft or piracy…Irdeto came to the fore!

In recent years as streaming services have transformed the delivery of media content, the original Irdeto technology backbone was transformed and scaled to deliver the same security, confidence and ease-of-use, but this time to enable billions of streams a year to gaming consoles and set-top boxes all over the world.

Software protection was born which is a suite of advanced cybersecurity technologies, libraries and tools that protects all the critical digital assets including keys, code and data.

Keystone was born!

Irdeto next seized the opportunity to unlock possibilities in the automotive sector, by leveraging the powerful core technology and applying it to bring the physical and digital worlds together. Irdeto is now the digital key and access management platform for global manufacturers; driving personalization, security and a new ‘connected car’ customer experience.

Other industries, with even higher value physical assets, also needed Keystone technologies…namely, industrial machines from warehouses to construction sites to mines and everything in between.

Your trusted security layer

Keystone’s core proposition continues to be as a digital key with a flexible access management system, providing a secure policy-based workflow rules engine. But the potential is much bigger as we continue to partner with the largest and most innovative players in the off-highway ecosystem…all focused on solving problems equipment customers really care about.

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A partner you can trust

Irdeto has secured over 5 billion devices and applications over the past 20 years. As the inventor of whitebox cryptography, Irdeto has continued to prove itself in the field with a rich history of innovation in software protection including built-in diversity, renewability features and most recently augmentation through machine learning.

With close to 1000 experts in 15+ offices around the globe, the team can help you wherever you are. Cybersecure is taken care of, so you don’t have to worry.