Managed Delivery

High availability content delivery with minimum effort and maximum value. Leverage our scale to lower your costs

Consumers demand a flawless experience, every time

Whether they’re watching on satellite, cable or terrestrial, television audiences have come to expect an impeccable user experience as soon as they pick up the remote. They don’t care about they complexities of fiber networks, multiplexes and satellite monitoring. But they do care when operator costs force up the price of their monthly subscription.

Quality and complexity must be managed efficiently to maximize returns

To achieve a consistently high quality of service, broadcasters negotiate a constantly shifting maze of technologies, formats and delivery mechanisms. Designing and managing contribution, aggregation and distribution networks with adequate redundancy and a global footprint is both expensive and complex. Maintaining this expertise in-house puts pressure on capital and operational expenditure at a time when operators are under pressure to reduce both.

Managed Delivery is a set of services that lets operators hand-off some (or all) of the technical complexity involved in establishing and running their contribution, aggregation or distribution infrastructure. Our experts can specify and architect your new IP delivery platform. Optionally, you can also let them take over day-to-day management and monitoring of your global connectivity over satellite and/or terrestrial networks.

Your cost-effective partner in flawless broadcast delivery

Global presence


With over 50 years in the broadcast business and a large partner network of satellite operators and telecommunications infrastructure providers, Irdeto offers a global footprint of interconnectivity with access to hosting rooms, meet-me facilities and points of presence for all your terrestrial redistribution needs. For satellite operators, we have access to earth stations and satellite hubs plus agreements with multiple satellite operators. Together, these ensure your signal can be received virtually anywhere on the planet.

Unrivalled reliability


With years of experience in large media operations, Irdeto’s engineers understand the importance of high service availability, supported by infallible designs and inherently redundant architecture. But our constant focus on value means you won’t be left paying for excess capacity or for features your business doesn’t need.

Reduced operating costs


Great content is made and consumed globally, so operators need access to high capacity, reliable network infrastructure which has traditionally been charged at premium rates. Irdeto works with many service providers and uses this purchasing scale to secure competitive pricing, ensuring our customers enjoy tier one service at unrivalled tariffs.

Getting your content where it needs to be, painlessly


IP-based content delivery is becoming the norm, and many operators face an up-hill task to audit their existing infrastructure and specify resilient IP networks to replace them. Irdeto’s team have the skills and experience to help you design, procure, build and implement a state-of-the-art network in compliance with relevant standards and industry best practice. This service is available on its own – leaving your own team to run the completed networks – or it can be paired with either of Irdeto’s Managed Connectivity services.


Irdeto’s partner network offers broadcasters and operators access to high capacity, redundant fiber networks for weather-proof, reliable global connectivity. Our distribution network offers easy ingress and egress via numerous well-positioned points of presence and meet-me facilities. We can aggregate, multiplex and protect your valuable content and distribute it safely and reliably from anywhere, to anywhere, with guaranteed availability and dedicated monitoring.


Dispersed audiences in some parts of the world are still best served via satellite. Irdeto has access to earth stations transmitting in numerous frequency bands and mature relationships with leading satellite operators. As well as access to these services, we can offer aggregation of multiple sources and satellite monitoring services. This infrastructure is seamlessly integrated with our terrestrial network for easy onward distribution.

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Managed Delivery

Better together

At Irdeto, security is in our DNA. We know content delivery relies on great video compression and content security. Managed Delivery services can be combined with any of our Managed Video Compression and Managed Conditional Access services to further reduce the day-to-day burden of technology operations. Learn more about the Managed Video Compression and Managed CA services, our fully-hosted disaster recovery CA service.