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Compression Platforms Eliminate the uncertainty around video compression for linear and OTT delivery

When it comes to video content, quality is everything

From SD to HD and 4K to 8K, the trend towards higher quality video streams is unrelenting. Globally, sales of 4K/UltraHD televisions now outstrip those of HD sets at over 100m per year, and leading manufacturers are jumping on the 8K train at speed. With movies and live sports content leading the way, higher quality video is now a major point of differentiation for broadcasters, pay-TV and OTT operators – particularly in the battle for high-ARPU subscribers.

Video compression is critical, complex and costly

Delivering 4K+ content to consumers means making the most of expensive and congested networks (for example, Direct to Home (DTH) satellite bandwidth). Standards bodies and video compression equipment vendors have responded to this challenge with a range of increasingly complex encoding algorithms and power-hungry hardware to support them. Broadcasters and network operators can find themselves trapped in a constant cycle of equipment upgrades and optimization, far beyond their traditional skill set.

The Managed Video Compression Platforms suite of services let operators hand-off the technical complexity of optimizing their content (for example, DTH) delivery. Select from the services on offer to get exactly the support you need: no more, no less. We’ll audit existing systems and support vendor selection, or we can design, build, operate and 24/7 support your new or replacement platform. The choice is yours.

The right video compression for your business and your budget

Uniquely tailored solutions


Irdeto’s thorough business case analysis, due diligence and design evaluation processes help us to specify a technical solution that uniquely fits each operator’s specific requirements and budget. We won’t over-design or over-specify so you won’t over-invest. This may include taking advantage of market convergence to serve your linear and OTT markets from the same hardware platform, or deployment of an Irdeto-hosted disaster recovery head-end for full business continuity.

Unrivalled reliability


With years of experience in large media operations, Irdeto’s engineers understand the importance of high service availability, supported by infallible designs and inherently redundant architecture. Whether we design and build your video compression head-end for your team to run, or we manage it remotely on your behalf, you will benefit from our proactive approach and stringent preventative maintenance regime to ensure unrivalled availability levels.

Uniquely tailored solutions


As margins are squeezed, operators continually look to drive down their operating costs. With Managed Video Compression services, each operator shares our pool of specialist staff, resources and common infrastructure (e.g. monitoring systems). They enjoy economies of scale, the ability to flex resources as demand rises and falls, and the kind of expert support that would take years to build in-house.


Independent advice


Most broadcasters and operators rely on hardware vendors and system integrators to advise them on architecting and building a video compression head-end. But does that guidance always put the operator’s needs first? It’s always good to get an independent view. Irdeto is truly vendor and technology agnostic. With decades of experience in video compression technologies, we’ll be the honest, reliable voice that finds the right solution for your business, at the right price.

Mix-and-match services to suit your business needs

Irdeto believes in flexibility, which is why our Managed Video Compression Platforms portfolio offers a full range of services from a simple audit and design process to a remotely-managed head-end or a full, end-to-end hosted DR platform. Operators are free to select any combination of these services to help achieve their specific business goals.


Is your existing Video Compression platform up to scratch? Our expert audit will rigorously and objectively test your systems against performance requirements to inform your budgeting and infrastructure acquisition strategy. Remove the speculation from your investment decisions with Irdeto’s unbiased audit report containing in-depth architecture reviews and design proposals.


Avoid the lengthy process of vendor benchmarking and factory evaluation visits. Irdeto’s experienced team will perform the necessary independent evaluation, prepare a recommended architecture and budget, and take care of system integration. Stay focused on your existing technologies while we prepare the smooth transition of your viewer base to the new platform and protocols.


At Irdeto, we’re not just vendor or system integrators, we are operators too. With our global footprint and vendor-agnostic approach, this service allows operators to relinquish the burden of running their own video head-ends. Irdeto’s team of engineers have over 50 years’ experience managing and maintaining video compression platforms to agreed service levels. We’ll treat your head-end as our own.


Not keen on the expense of a 24x7x365 support team? Entrust your platform to the care of our Service Operations Centre at a fraction of the cost. Enjoy top notch first line monitoring and escalation facilities, with optional second and third line remote support from Irdeto’s skilled engineers and architects to troubleshoot any network issues from transport stream to baseband level.


As businesses thrive, it becomes increasingly important to ensure uninterrupted viewing, even if your primary business premises are out of action. Irdeto’s disaster recovery head-end service provides an active standby video compression platform hosted in our facilities. This cost-effective alternative to in-house DR allows operators to benefit from geographical redundancy without the expense of establishing their own dedicated facility.

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Managed Video Compression Platforms

Better together

At Irdeto, security is in our DNA. We know video compression goes hand-in-hand with content encryption and access control. Managed Video Compression Platforms services can be combined seamlessly with any of the suite of Managed Conditional Access services to further reduce the day-to-day burden of technology operations. Learn more about the Managed CA services including the fully hosted disaster recovery CA service.