Denuvo by Irdeto becomes the first anti-cheat partner for ESIC

Denuvo Anti-Cheat to help guard the integrity of the multibillion-dollar esports industry

AMSTERDAM, February 8, 2023 – Denuvo by Irdeto, the world leader in video games protection technology, is pleased to announce it has become the first ever anti-cheat partner for The Esports Integrity Commission, ESIC. Denuvo Anti-Cheat will be deployed to fight cheating and game manipulation to support ESIC’s mission to disrupt, prevent, investigate and prosecute of all forms of cheating in esports.

ESIC brings the global esports industry together to protect the integrity of esports competition. Denuvo is dedicated to preventing cheating in multiplayer games and bringing fairness back to gaming, and it is therefore only natural that the two industry leaders are joining forces to ensure fair competition in the fast-growing esports industry. According to Irdeto’s research, 77% of global gamers are likely to abandon a game when cheating occurs, creating a tremendous monetization risk for publishers and developers especially with esports games with high visibility around the world.

Denuvo and ESIC will work together to develop a framework to implement anti-cheat technology within the esports industry. As an anti-cheat partner, Denuvo will provide ESIC with Denuvo Anti-Cheat software as well as periodic reports gauging particular data metrics related to integrity and industry risk. This will help the parties to gain insights to the industry pain points and promote fair play in esports. Denuvo will also support ESIC in its continued delivery of best practice standards and integrity frameworks for the broader esports industry.

Denuvo Anti-Cheat is developed by security experts who are gamers themselves and the solution has no negative impact on in-game performance. Unlike many other anti-cheat solutions on the market, Denuvo operates on the binary, not the source code, making it very easy to add to games used in tournaments. It integrates directly into the product build process and does not require APIs or SDKs, which means fewer tools for build engineers to manage and fewer tools for developers to install. Denuvo Anti-Cheat provides unique proactive cheat monitoring in real-time while detecting all cheats, not just the easy ones. Unlike other anti-cheat solutions, Denuvo provides comprehensive and transparent data to the game publishers, supplying them with insights on cheats and game cheating. Denuvo cheat data is fully available and owned by the game publisher – an unusual practice compared to other game protection providers.

Stephen Hanna, ESIC’s Director of Global Strategy and Partnerships, commented: “ESIC is proud to announce this new partnership category targeted at strengthening the critical role of anti-cheat solutions in the maintenance of competitive integrity within the esports industry. As a distinguished partner in the games industry, we are pleased to welcome Denuvo as our first anti-cheat partner. We look forward to working together to find and execute upon more sophisticated applications for anti-cheat technology to tournament operation.”

Steeve Huin, Chief Operating Officer for Denuvo, said: “We are proud to partner with ESIC to fight cheating in the fast-growing esports segment. As gamers ourselves, we at Denuvo are dedicated to bringing fairness and fun back to online gaming and are therefore thrilled to ensure the same fair game opportunities will be available for the players of esports.”

Denuvo is at the forefront of game security with 350+ million software licenses issued and revalidated and over 1,000 games secured. Denuvo has been consistently protecting AAA titles for over a decade, collaborates with studios of all sizes and offers cross-platform technology to combat cheating and piracy on PC, consoles and mobile (iOS, and Android). For more information on Denuvo and video game protection offering, please visit

About ESIC

ESIC is the recognized guardian of the integrity of esports and works to for disrupt, prevent, investigate, and prosecute of all forms of cheating and malpractice in esports, including, but not limited to, match manipulation and doping with the overarching objective of protecting youth, promoting industry investment and safeguarding sporting integrity in esports.

About Irdeto

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