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Achieving anti-piracy success with Cyber Services

Investigations and Enforcement

  • Covert infiltration and investigations of high-profile targets
  • Test purchase and technical investigation of illicit streaming devices and services, apps, addons and websites
  • Target investigations and compiling intelligence reports and briefs of evidence
  • Coordination with law enforcement bodies
  • Search & seizure support for raids of pirate operations
  • … and more

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Brand Protection

  • Copyright & trademark infringement detections (e.g. illicit ​streaming devices, pirate subscription services, pirate apps & addons, stolen/compromised customer credentials) ​​
  • Coverage across social media sites, e-commerce ​platforms, open web and dark net​​
  • Internet crawling based on keywords and image​ recognition, supported by machine learning​​
  • Enforcement and responses to counter-claims to ​effect timely removal of advertisements​​
  • …. and more

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Threat Risk Assessment & Intelligence

  • Threat identification through infiltration & interactive monitoring of ​hacking and piracy communities ​
  • Threat intelligence gathering via proprietary web crawling, deep and dark web mining​
  • Intelligence analysis, threat landscape reports and​ other visualizations​
  • Sentiment analysis
  • …. And more

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  • Cybersecurity Resilience Programs​
  • Security management (e.g. advisory)​
  • Penetration testing (IT infrastructure, apps)​
  • Attack surface management (on-going security testing of all internet connected devices)​
  • Hardware hacking (IoT devices, routers etc.)​
  • Code reviews (Whitebox code review of applications)​
  • Reverse Engineering

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Advanced Protection Services

  • Auditing ​
    Physical building, operational, system, network security and​ CA security requirements​
  • Monitoring & Reporting​
    Threat, device, forum, and social media monitoring, ​anonymous monitoring and reporting​
  • Planning, Response & Recovery​
    Enhanced security plans, remedy plans, task force​and piracy counter measure planning​
  • Collaboration​
    Quarterly reports (piracy activities of clients)​ and annual security/piracy workshops​
  • Certification​
    Secure chipset certification (including liabilities and insurance) for 6 years

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