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Secure Environment

Safeguard critical files, protect application data, and prevent hackers from adding malicious code, modifying executables and scripts, and reverse engineering

It’s challenging enough to secure cloud software from attacks over the internet. But securing a device is orders of magnitude harder when it is deployed into the hands of a hacker. A determined hacker with physical access to a device can do many things to gain superuser access and compromise system security: extract firmware images, reverse-engineer software, reactivate debug software and so on. History is littered with examples of successfully hacked devices – from network routers through medical devices to credit card systems, telematics units and entire vehicles.

That’s why we’ve created Irdeto Secure Environment with the assumption that a hacker already has superuser access — the highest of all system privileges. Unique to the industry, Secure Environment forces hackers to expend an improbable amount of effort to break into devices, making them move on to softer targets that aren’t as well protected. Its mutually reinforcing technologies offer unparalleled protection.


Disables execution of anything except manufacturer authorized software

Encrypts binaries and file content


Hides cryptographic keys

Removes debugging capability and memory examination

Makes reverse engineering virtually impossible

Monitors hacking attempts and supports a range of manufacturer defined responses

Collects security incident data for post-mortem analysis

From the inside out

Secure Environment uniquely assumes that traditional security measures such as firewalls or encryption have been compromised and focuses instead on protecting everything else. It safeguards critical files, protects application data, and prevents hackers from adding malicious code, modifying executables and scripts, and reverse engineering. What’s more, it uses renewable security to frustrate hacking attempts by continually resetting hacker knowledge to ground zero. And, while a full cybersecurity audit is recommended, Secure Environment can be dropped into a system still under development.


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