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In today’s competitive landscape, we help our customers manage new technology implementations, such as Android TV and 4K Ultra HD, combat the growing scale and sophistication of online piracy, and accommodate consumer demand for high quality, and multiscreen experiences.

The Irdeto 360 Security suite provides advanced premium content protection to the pay media industry. We have comprehensive security solutions for movie studios, sports rights holders, gaming security and OTT and broadcast operators across the content value chain. Our solutions help them meet the challenges of delivering high quality, secure and flexible media services to the widest range of consumer screens and devices in and out of the home.

Trends in Video Entertainment

Android TV

OTT may be the future of media. However, until consumers can get everything they want reliably from OTT services, a hybrid set-top box will remain important in the home. How can you offer a high-quality experience on your STB quickly and inexpensively? How can you give consumers choice, without having to develop everything yourself? Irdeto Armor for Android TV may be the answer. It offers an OS for the STB, off-the-shelf features and apps to let operators go to market quickly with a future-proof platform.

Is Irdeto Armor for Android TV a practical solution for your next set-top box? Read the resources below to understand what strategic and operational issues you need to consider in order to make this decision.

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4K Ultra HD

Live sports and premium movies are undoubtedly the key drivers for the increasing consumer uptake of 4K Ultra HD. While both content owners and pay TV operators are quick to see the market potential, the new technology comes with its own challenges in terms of cost, compatibility and compliance.

How can you continue to meet the needs of your existing customers and maintain flexible service delivery at the same time? Read the resources below to learn how to create and implement a winning 4K UHD strategy.

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Today’s consumers have come to expect to have whichever content they want on whichever device they choose. Meanwhile, Hollywood studios and other video content licensors have raised their expectations around content protection. And if that is not enough, the technological complexity of building, maintaining, and scaling multiscreen OTT video services is increasing.

Read the resources below to learn how you can simplify your OTT service deployment to meet all these challenges and to better and more quickly respond to a changing market.

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Piracy & Cybercrime

Pirated content is more prolific and appears online faster than ever before. Online piracy is big business. This global threat does not discriminate: it affects content owners, broadcasters and operators. The challenge for the providers is twofold: to ensure return on investment for their assets, and to protect their brand and services from cybercrime.

The best way to fight online pirates and cybercriminals is to stay up to date with their latest activities. Find out more about how they are continually adapting to give you better insights to mitigate threats.

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Video Entertainment Case Studies

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