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Software DRM Client SDK

Irdeto ActiveCloak for Media stops key extraction in its tracks

Client DRM vulnerabilities

In the last 2 years, software DRM clients have been exploited to extract content encryption keys. Pirates then use the stolen keys to deliver illegal services leading to missed revenue opportunities and increased CDN costs.

DRM patches are not enough

They would be if they could be enforced but they are not. DRM providers issue regular patches and updates to address vulnerabilities. But these patches are not made available to older devices because OEMs stop issuing them after devices are a few years old. Or non-tech savvy users do not update their operating system and/or applications automatically (or manually on a regular basis).

Streaming service providers need to take matters into their own hands

Streaming service providers need their service apps to be more robust and be integrated with renewability for a wide range of vulnerable devices.

Irdeto ActiveCloak for Media (ACM) is an Android-based software development kit specifically designed to protect devices that are vulnerable to content key extraction. Security mechanisms are reconfigured and automatically renewed to prevent loss of platform integrity over time. It minimizes the risk that content keys will be extracted, revenue will be lost, or the service provider’s reputation will be damaged.


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World class security

Cloakware software and Irdeto Whitebox cryptography used to harden software DRM.

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Ease of integration

Works with any DRM server vendor. API with any external video player.

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Increased agility

Renewable security to deploy fast and efficient response to piracy attacks.

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Client security best practices

Anti-tampering, runtime and static detection, secure store, node locking, fingerprinting included.

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Rooted device detection

Detect and lock-out rooted devices (optional).

Multi-layered defense techniques

Diagram showing Irdeto ActiveCloak for Media's multi-layered defense techniques: Java Access Control, Anti-Debug, Integrity Verification, Robust PlayReady, Whitebox Cryptography, Secure Store & Node Locking and Root Detection (Optional).

Java Access Control

Adds Java application access control, to enforce security around who can access specific assets, functionality or data.


Prevents hackers from using a debugger to analyze what the app is doing.

Integrity Verification

Digitally signs the app modules and stores the signature at build time, and then at runtime, detects any tampering as a deviation from the stored signature.

Robust and Hardened Software DRM

Meet robustness and compliance rules with advanced source code obfuscation.

Root Detection (Optional)

Detects whether Android device has been rooted in an effective manner.

Irdeto Whitebox Cryptography

Irdeto patented software protection strategy that enables cryptographic operations running on open platforms without revealing private keys or data.

Secure Store & Node Locking

Secure Store is a cryptographically encrypted container, which offers strong protection for any data object at rest.

Full suite of OTT and anti-piracy services

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