Consumers today want choice. Open platforms such as Android TV can enable choice and help operators future-proof their set-top box to gain a competitive edge. At Irdeto, we are focused on closing the security gaps on open platforms so that operators can have full control of their device, data and services on any platform. By working closely with ecosystem partners, Irdeto offers pre-integrated solutions to shorten time to market for hybrid, 4K UHD-ready set-top boxes on open platforms.

Irdeto Armor for Android TV: a secure, flexible and fast way to launch hybrid set-top boxes

Are you looking to secure your open platform set-top box?

Reduced risk with proven solutions and expertise: Irdeto Armor provides a pre-integrated DVB stack that works in combination with Irdeto conditional access and watermarking solutions to protect premium content like 4K UHD. The solution also offers security services to help operators combat a variety of threats on Android TV, including Kodi-based piracy and potential attacks from malicious apps or unauthorized software. For introducing OTT apps into the app store, operators can leverage Irdeto’s highly scalable and reliable OTT security solution to manage multiple DRMs and business policies to achieve the widest customer reach.

Massive cost savings: With Irdeto Armor, operators not only save on development costs by using features freely included Android TV, but also on integration efforts as the solution is pre-integrated, ready-to-certify with a variety of chipsets, set-top boxes and user experience products.

Fastest time to market: While launching an OTT box on Android TV may take as little as three months, deploying a hybrid box can take 12 months or more without pre-integration. Irdeto Armor for Android TV can slash at least three to six months from the launch time for hybrid set-top boxes. In addition, Irdeto has collaborated with Google for many years. This relationship, along with Irdeto’s “early access” partnership agreement with Google, enables Irdeto customers to gain access to new innovations earlier.

Choice of STB partners: With pre-integrated chipset support, Irdeto Armor allows operator to choose their preferred Google-licensed STB partner. It helps operators break vendor lock-in and maximize the benefits on the open platform.

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