Forensic Watermarking

Protect your content and revenue from production to consumption with Irdeto’s TraceMark™ forensic watermarking solutions

Piracy never sleeps

Pirates steal live broadcasts and VOD content and share these assets across a wide variety of sophisticated platforms, sites, and applications almost instantaneously. When one door is closed, they find a window to open.

With the widespread availability of high-quality digital content (premium Ultra HD and HDR content), the need to protect these valuable assets and their associated revenue is paramount.

Security requirements get tougher

Whether you are a content owner, licensee, or aggregator, pirates directly compete for your consumers. The sheer magnitude of piracy, combined with the skyrocketing value of digital content, has led content owners and rights holders to include stringent content protection clauses in contractual agreements and take a stronger stance when it comes to securing their premium digital assets.

Irdeto offers TraceMark™, our award winning patented Forensic Watermarking solution, to enhance your security efforts throughout the content value chain.

TraceMark™ supports different use cases, from tracking security weaknesses in distribution channels to identifying individual pirate sessions to disrupt unauthorized streams at the source.

Whether you are trying to protect live or video on demand content, Irdeto has a watermarking solution that is optimal for your business needs.


Effectively secure your content while ensuring maximum viewer experience

No impact to picture quality



The unique invisible mark embedded into the content is undetectable to the human eye. This ensures the best protection of premium content without impacting viewer experience.

Persistent watermark



Our forensic watermarking survives any pirate transformation, and it is easy to renew security if a breach occurs.

Trusted by Hollywood studios and premium sports owners


Major rights holders and content owners trust Irdeto’s watermarking service to help protect their valuable assets. Given the incremental growth of digital content, content owners recognize the value of ensuring robust security to safeguard valuable revenue and brand reputation.

Select the TraceMark™ forensic watermark solution that suits your business needs


Monitor your distribution network and take action against illegal redistribution of your content.

Irdeto’s TraceMark™ for Distribution helps content owners find weaknesses in their distribution chain and audit contractual compliance with distributors, gain insight into pirate sourcing patterns, provide leverage for commercial negotiations, and secure global revenue through selective, timely distribution.

Irdeto’s TraceMark™ for Distribution is a cloud SaaS that will allow you to get rolling quickly to market without having to change internal workflows. It is fully integrated with IBM Aspera on Cloud, providing content owners, post-production houses, and content aggregators a solution that is efficient, cost effective and easy to use.

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Protect viewership revenue on your direct-to-subscriber OTT platforms from illegal sharing of content.

Expand your security compliance to obtain premium content.

Irdeto TraceMark™ for OTT embeds a unique and virtually invisible mark to identify the source of any content leak. It protects video on demand (VOD) and live content delivered over OTT platforms. Watermarking can be embedded at the headend or on the client side, depending on business needs.

Irdeto TraceMark™ for OTT solution is pre-integrated with many popular encoders, CDNs, packagers and player applications. This level of end-to-end integration makes it quick and easy to deploy forensic watermarking to your ever-increasing consumer base.

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There is no “Silver Bullet” to solve piracy

Leveraging a full suite of integrated security solutions is key to protecting valuable revenue

Irdeto’s TraceMark™ products are pre-integrated with other components of our 360 Security Suite to deliver higher levels of security and ease of management enabling premium content to be conveniently and widely offered to consumers on any screen.

TraceMark™ for Distribution is pre-integrated with IBM Aspera on Cloud, eliminating the need for costly integrations of two workflows, facilitating fast, scalable, affordable deployment. This “pay for use” model enables customers to pay for only the number of files they watermark, rather than having a “one-size fits all” annual fee.

When TraceMark™ for OTT is taken with Irdeto Control, our multi-DRM and policy management system, OTT services will support the widest range of devices and business models with the highest SLA levels.

All TraceMark™ solutions are fully integrated with Irdeto’s suite of antipiracy solutions to ensure the rapid identification and enforcement of illegally redistributed premium assets, or weaknesses in your distribution channels, helping protect your revenue and brand.

Awards and certifications


2020 Product of the Year – TraceMark™ for Distribution with IBM Aspera on Cloud


2020 Advanced TV Innovation of Year

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Irdeto Tracemark™ for Distribution


Irdeto TraceMark™ for OTT


Irdeto TraceMark™ for OTT - Client


Irdeto TraceMark™ for OTT Head-End

Better together

Watermarking is a key step in combatting video piracy. In order to effectively protect your content, the entire value chain needs to be addressed. Watermarking can dissuade users from consuming pirated content and when combined with Irdeto’s Online Piracy Detection (OPD) Services allows service providers to trace the source of leaked content to take appropriate action. Irdeto’s Cyber Services provide additional investigative support and evidence to track down and take action against pirate services.