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Irdeto Control cloud services enable you to maximize the scalability and revenue potential of your OTT video service while offering an unmatched user experience .


DRM licenses in a year


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DRM licenses in a single high profile event


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Top 5 criteria when choosing a Multi-DRM solution


Business Enablement

Irdeto Control empowers you to support all business models (e.g., SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, FAST) and takes you beyond. Enforcing concurrency effectively, enables you to create innovative offerings, attract more subscribers and grow your business.



Offering a premium user experience during high profile events is a key differentiator. Irdeto Control offers cloud auto-scaling for your OTT video service and fast response time even at high peaks.



Irdeto Control offers you security beyond DRM, which is critical to meet studios and sports security requirements. Implement geo blocking, VPN detection and integrate your platform with anti-piracy services for maximum security.



Irdeto Control grants your OTT video service with an industry leading SLA of up to 99.999%. It also offers you a 24x7 operational supervision by SOC and dedicated customer support to guarantee the reliability and availability that your service requires.



Reduce TCO and time to market when deploying your OTT service. Irdeto Control requires minimum integration and supports all leading Packagers, Devices and DRMs.




High Profile Events


Perform at your best when all eyes are on you

Ensure maximum reliability and availability for your OTT service :

  • SLA up to 99.999%
  • Multi-layered infrastructure
  • 24/7 dedicated support 



Concurrent Stream Management

Create tailored offerings and grow your ARPU

Enforce rules accurately and offer upgrade options :

  • Attract subscribers with unique offerings
  • Untap new viewers’ segments
  • Discourage session & credential sharing 



Irdeto Hosted Widevine Service

Guaranteed reliability and availability when you need it most

Offer the best user experience with no down times :

  • SLA up to 99.999%
  • Global coverage
  • Low latency 

Irdeto Control Cloud Services


Enhanced multi digital rights management with Irdeto solutions


Online Piracy Detection

Anti-Piracy protection


Cyber Services

Advanced protection services


RDK Video Accelerator

Super aggregation


Android TV

Super aggregation


Media Manager

Media workflow management


Server Side Ad Insertion

Advertising monetization




Frequently asked questions

What is DRM?

DRM stands for “Digital Rights Management”, and in the video entertainment industry it is crucial to manage the legal access to digital video content (e.g. movies, series, sports, etc.) on diverse streaming devices (e.g., mobiles, laptops, tablets, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, etc.) and browsers (e.g., Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, etc.). DRM techniques include licensing agreements and encryption. The most popular DRM technologies include Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine and Apple FairPlay Streaming.

What is a multi-DRM solution?

A multi-DRM solution combines software products (cloud based) and services to enable media brands (e.g., pay-TV operators, studios, sports rights holders, video streaming apps, etc.) to distribute and secure their content in a range of devices and browsers, by performing the secure and effective DRM license provisioning of a variety of DRM technologies (e.g., Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine and Apple FairPlay Streaming).

Why do I need a multi-DRM solution?

Media companies that aim to distribute their video content online, or as known in the industry as “going Over-The-Top (OTT)”, must ensure that their viewers/subscribers will be able to access their content on the device or browser of their preference, in a secure manner and with no impact on the user experience (e.g., no latency, no interruptions, no buffering, etc.).

What are the key aspects to consider when looking for a multi-DRM solution?

There are five key aspects that media companies must take into account when choosing a multi-DRM solution: business enablement, scalability, reliability, security and simplicity. Read our solution overview for more detailed information on these key factors.

Do content owners (premium studios or sports right holders) demand a multi-DRM solution?

Yes, in general it is fair to assume that premium content will require the capability to be distributed among the most popular devices and browsers in a secure way. Most premium media right holders (e.g., premium movies and series, premium leagues and tournaments, etc.) will demand this as a requirement for you to gain access to distribute their premium content on you OTT platform. It is critical for your business to offer the content that your audience demands, and therefore it is critical for your OTT platform to be integrated with a multi-DRM solution that enables you to distribute such premium content.

How can a multi-DRM solution help me grow my business?

Beyond security, the most important role of a multi-DRM solution is to empower you to grow your business. The ideal multi-DRM solution must support all business models (SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, FAST, etc.) and enable you to quickly introduce new and attractive monetization opportunities, meet subscribers’ needs and differentiate from competitors. Some key capabilities include DRM-based Concurrent Stream Management (CSM) and Geo-enforcement.

What is Concurrent Stream Management?

Concurrent Stream Management (CSM) is the capability to moderate and regulate the number of streams that can be accessed simultaneously by a subscriber using the same set of credentials. By enforcing concurrent stream limits accurately and effectively, you can develop tailored offerings to attract new customers. Additionally, CSM empowers you to prevent revenue loss by discouraging session and credential sharing. Read our Irdeto Control solution overview to learn more about Concurrent Stream Management and other business enablement capabilities or our multi-DRM solution.

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