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Irdeto Control

Scale for growth. Stream with confidence.

Irdeto joins AWS Media & Entertainment initiative

Delight consumers with smooth viewing experience

Over-the-top video services have transformed the video industry, and the competition is fiercer than ever. To support the subscriber growth and the high viewership of premium events, the scalability of a streaming platform is critical. Whether it’s the launch of a long-awaited blockbuster, a highly anticipated season finale, or a top football league match, or family movie night on the couch, customers expect a seamless experience.

Rein in credential sharing, maximize content revenue

With such explosion of OTT services, it is not a surprise that people are sharing credentials. Credential sharing amongst a same household is expected. However, when sharing goes beyond family and it turns into large scale sharing (and even with friends), the revenue opportunity loss to operators is significant. And not having checks to control the sharing is like giving a green light. Today, concurrent stream management is one of the more reliable and elegant ways to address credential sharing without impacting the overall consumer experience.

Irdeto Control is a high-performing and scalable multi-DRM solution at the center of OTT content delivery activities. Generating keys for content encryption, administering content usage rules, and issuing playback licenses is done simply and reliably (up to 5 9s SLAs). Business reports, proactive monitoring, and operational supervision provide visibility and help to ensure smooth operation. Irdeto Control gives service operators the confidence to scale their business, grow their revenues, and enjoy peace of mind even during high peak events.

Deploy first time or upscale reliably and quickly

Scalability & high availability

Real-time (up and down) auto-scaling copes easily with high-peak viewing and keeps costs in check. SLA up to 99.999%, automatic latency-based routing to reduce response time and video start time ensures seamless customer viewing.

Integration simplicity

Integration with Irdeto Control is simple and straightforward. Pre-integration test with major encoders/packagers ensures speedy content packaging pipeline. A centralized content usage system facilitates the management of user entitlements, devices, and business models.

Advanced Security

Irdeto Control addresses the challenges faced by OTT operators by its DRM expertise and relentless rigorous innovation. End-to-end security covers the whole content delivery pipeline. Direct access to Apple, Google, and Microsoft allows Irdeto Control to support new technologies as they launch and to drive change.

Operational excellence

Irdeto Control SaaS deployment can be set up within 24 hours. Cutting-edge features continuously roll out with zero downtime. Comprehensive support service consists of reporting tools, SLA dashboards, proactive monitoring, and 24×7 operational supervision through dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC).

Deployment in any environment

Irdeto Control SaaS deployment model enables operators to take a “pay as you grow” approach to their OTT services for a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Operators who prefer a CAPEX model and want to fully control the operations can choose Irdeto Control’s On-Premise Licensed Solution for installation in their own data center.

And for those environments where internet connectivity is limited or unavailable, Irdeto Control on the Go is the ideal for OTT in isolated environments, or when internet connectivity is limited or unavailablesolution. It can easily scale up for service expansion. It was specifically designed for locations such as transportation platforms, hospitality locations, etc.

Rich feature set for friction-free content delivery

Multi-DRM capabilities are essential for obtaining rights of quality content and securely distributing content across a wide range of consumer devices over the open network. Irdeto Control supports all the leading commercial DRMs. In addition, it also offers two clear key options for basic content protection:

  • Microsoft PlayReady
  • Google Widevine Modular
  • Apple FairPlay Streaming
  • HLS AES-128
  • DASH ClearKey

Security features: hardware DRM, dual expiry, license renewal, output control, track keys

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Irdeto Control Key Maker can generate encryption keys and content protection data for various protection systems. Pre-integrated with major encoders/packagers, it is a turnkey content packaging solution:

  • CPIX 2.3-compliant interface
  • AWS Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange (SPEKE)
  • Track types
  • Key rotation

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Streaming formats define how content is streamed to consumer devices. Irdeto Control supports the major streaming protocols to ensure maximum devices coverage and best viewing experience:

  • Apple HTTP Live Streaming
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming
  • Common Media Application Format (CMAF)

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Multiple distribution modes can be combined with various business models, including ad-funded, subscription, transaction, and freemium:

  • Live streaming
  • VOD
  • Download & Go (including offline rental)
  • Catch-up TV

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Consumer authorization is the process to grant a consumer access to content. Irdeto Control offers a multi-layered consumer authorization approach that allows flexibility without compromising security:

  • Session token for authentication and just-in-time entitlement
  • Geo-blocking by country; automatic VPN & proxy detection
  • Concurrent stream management

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Irdeto Control provides flexible deployment models. The SaaS deployment leverages AWS services to bring infrastructure benefits of reliability, scalability, performance, and maintainability:

  • Geodiversity (multi-region)
  • Low latency
  • High availability
  • Kubernetes autoscaling
  • Continuous delivery

Operators who prefer a CAPEX model can choose the on-premise licensed solution. For isolated environments there is the option of Irdeto Control on the Go.

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How it works?

Irdeto Control consists of three main components, which participate in different stages in the content preparation and distribution pipeline.

Click on each stage for more information.


A speedy content packaging pipeline is easily set up thanks to Control Key Maker’s pre-integration test with major encoders/packagers.


Business policies, including content rules and play restrictions, are configured via the rights management system, which provides both API and HTML5 web user interface.


Control License Service issues playback licenses upon the requests from consumer devices if it decided that the consumer is entitled to the requested content.

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