Consumers are using an increasing range of devices to watch their favorite programs. In order to grow your OTT business, finding an efficient way to deliver and secure content on all your consumers’ devices is critical. With its advanced multi-DRM support and content usage management, Irdeto Rights makes it easy and fast to protect content delivered over the top via PlayReady, Widevine, FairPlay, Marlin, Adobe Primetime and ChinaDRM. It allows service providers and operators to deliver OTT services anytime, anywhere. It also offers a head-end variation, Irdeto Control on the Go, that enables similar OTT experiences even when internet connectivity is limited or unavailable, such as in trains, planes, hotels and school campuses.

Do you want to easily grow your OTT business?

Irdeto Rights: a studio-grade Multi-DRM and advanced Business Policy Management Solution

High availability and scalability: Operators who license Irdeto Rights as a managed service in the cloud enjoy gold standard availability and scalability from day one. The Irdeto Rights headend is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing Irdeto to back this mature and proven solution with SLAs up to 99.999%. The highly-scalable Irdeto Rights infrastructure can handle hundreds of thousands of license requests per second, enabling operators to cope effortlessly even with popular sporting events.

Global OTT service expansion: With access points in multiple geographical regions, Irdeto Rights enables operators to expand their service around the world with ease. The geodiversity feature allows operators to use a central configuration to serve licenses from multiple regions, providing high availability, minimum latency and faster video startup time for viewers no matter where they are. It also eliminates the need to duplicate content storage and packaging infrastructure, thereby minimizing the cost and management of a global OTT service.

Increased market reach: With standard support for all main industry DRMs, Irdeto Rights allows you to reach all the latest devices and delight your customers with high-quality multiscreen experiences. In addition, live streaming, VOD, Download & Go and catch-up TV can be combined with any business model. Be it ad-funded, subscription, transaction or freemium, Irdeto Rights helps you capitalize on what suits your market best.

Efficient digital rights management: Irdeto Rights simplifies the management of user entitlements and content usage rules across devices. Managing concurrent streaming, geographic restrictions, user and fraud management and other day-to-day matters is much easier with Irdeto Rights.

MovieLabs-compliant protection: Irdeto Rights features studio-grade security enhancements including support for track keys, PlayReady SL 3000 and Widevine Level 1.

Fast time to market: By having strong relationships with all major industry players, including DRM, encoder and packaging suppliers, Irdeto is able to support new DRM innovations from day one. This gives operators a significant competitive advantage to be among the first to offer services on the latest consumer devices, without waiting months for low-end DRM licensing services to catch up.

Flexible deployment in any environment: There are two head-end options for Irdeto Rights: Irdeto Control for connected environments and Irdeto Control on the Go for isolated environments. It provides the flexibility to offer OTT services even when internet connectivity is limited or unavailable to the head-end system and consumers, such as in planes, trains, hotels or campuses.

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