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Secure the best content. Thrive in the OTT era. Deliver unmissable entertainment to the living room.

Consumers expect their TV content on every screen, at home or on the go

Consumers don’t want to be limited to watching TV on the big screen via their set-top box in the living room. They expect TV on their terms. Are you providing their content on their mobile phone, or via their game console? Can they watch while they ride the bus or at the park?

There has never been so much choice

To survive in this ultra-competitive environment, pay-TV operators are launching hybrid STBs that combine their own live channels and on-demand content with premium and long-tail apps (and everything in between). Are you able to fast track your journey to become a super-aggregator?

Securing the content your customer wants

To acquire the content their customers desire, pay-TV operators need to demonstrate cast iron content security and anti-piracy measures at a time when piracy and cyber threats become more sophisticated and are growing. Are you aware of vulnerabilities in your network, CPE, and apps? Do you have an anti-piracy and cyber security strategy in place?

Efficiency story

This hyper competitive environment brings increased complexity and costs, just as operators face growing pressure for top-line and profit growth. Are your future-proofing your CPE? Do you want to become more efficient in your operations?

Irdeto has a suite of products that enable pay-TV operators to thrive in this challenging market conditions. Whether it is protecting your content or network, launching new services, or looking to outsource your backoffice operations, we’ve got you covered.


Bringing you the confidence and security to embrace new opportunities

Reach subscribers on every screen


Deliver content over the internet to any screen or over a managed and unmanaged device. Our solutions will enable you to deliver a great experience to you customers even during high traffic events, streamline your multi-screen workflows, and maximize addressable live ad inventory at scale.

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Become a Super-Aggregator


Go to market quickly with an Android TV or an RDK hybrid STB that brings consumers your TV line-up and premium video apps and prevent unnecessary delays in getting premium apps approval on your STB. Mitigate piracy and instability risks associated with an open app store and get unmatched insights with our award-winning solution.

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Stop pirates and hackers on their tracks


We recognize the ever-increasing demands from Hollywood studios and sports rights holders and growing risk of cyberattacks to the entertainment industry. Our experts will support you in developing the appropriate strategy and selecting the necessary tools to fight pirates and hackers. 

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Optimize operations to minimize costs


Reduce maintenance headaches, labor shortages, and cost uncertainties. Let our experts take care of the technology, leaving you free to attract and engage subscribers. We can help you optimize and support existing systems or design and deploy a new platform.

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