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Anti-Piracy and Cybersecurity Management

Protect your content, brand, and investments while meeting premium content security requirements

End-to-end anti-piracy for video entertainment and videogames

There is no magic cure for piracy. As video entertainment and videogame delivery and consumption evolve, pirates find new ways to circumvent security technologies and steal valuable assets. Rights holders and content owners must use every tool at their disposal to continuously thwart these emerging threats and protect their revenue. An end-to-end approach combines state-of-the-art security technology with expert piracy oversightcyber investigationsintelligence analysis and targeted enforcement.

Benefits of an End-to-End Anti-Piracy Solution

Content theft and leaks can happen at any point along the value chain.
Content protection systems and associated data must be continuously monitored and evaluated to identify new attack vectors.
It is key to incorporate innovative technology to address the challenges presented by the ever-evolving piracy landscape.

At Irdeto, our end-to-end anti-piracy solution includes:


An effective multi-DRM solution that provides a frictionless viewing experience while also protecting and maximizing content revenue and keeping infrastructure costs in check. DRM systems are then continuously monitored for pirate attacks, ensuring that new security threats are identified, and breaches are addressed.

Forensic Watermarking

Forensic watermarking, which identifies the source of leaked content from a specific distributor or an individual account.  The extracted forensic watermark then provides irrefutable evidence to support contractual compliance, better manage distribution network/operators, or refine content acquisition release strategies. Watermarking also allows for the rapid identification and shutdown of unauthorized streams while also protecting time-sensitive valuable revenue during live events.

Cyber Services

Cybersecurity services that supply technical and forensic device analysis (such as penetration testing of IT infrastructure and reverse engineering of apps and attack service management of internet connected devices). This analysis is combined with open-source intelligence research and the infiltration and interactive monitoring of hacking and piracy communities with the goal of pinpointing additional sources of current piracy threats and security weaknesses.

Online Piracy Detection

managed piracy monitoring service that combines expert piracy oversight with powerful technology to discover, verify and remove pirated content, maximizing viewership revenue by safeguarding live events and video on demand content from unauthorized access and redistribution.

Ensure the basics are in place

Deploy essential technology to secure your platforms, video games and content

Take control with Multi-DRM

Ensure your OTT content is encrypted with a Multi-DRM system and your game protected using an anti-tamper solution.

Protect software and content with CAS

Secure your broadcast content with a cardless Conditional Access System (CAS).

Understand the threats and define the anti-piracy strategy

Gather, categorize, and prioritize based on risk severity

Monitor, detect, analyse, respond and disrupt using intelligence and investigations

Gather intelligence regarding threats and perform attack surface management of your infrastructure, web, and mobile applications.

Protect your content and
revenue from production
to consumption

Embed a unique, persistent, and invisible watermark on your content to identify the source of any content leak.

Safeguard live events
and video on
demand content

Maximizes subscription and viewership revenue through real-time monitoring and takedown of pirated streams and content from social media, websites and applications.

Build towards a complete and secure solution

Implement full service advanced security and anti-piracy technology

Video Entertainment

From lens to screen and from production to consumption, we offer an End-to-end Anti-Piracy Management solution for studios, content owners, sports rights holders, broadcasters, pay-TV operators and streaming video providers.

Video Gaming

Protect your game and your revenue during your most crucial time — release time. Together with Denuvo, we offer a comprehensive Anti-Piracy Management solution for videogames.

Let our anti-piracy and cybersecurity solutions do the talking

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