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Denuvo SecureDLC: Industry’s first downloadable content protection

Denuvo SecureDLC is the industry’s first solution that protects downloadable content against piracy

The revenue model of the gaming industry is changing. Nowadays, more and more money is being made after the initial launch window. A considerable proportion of revenue comes from microtransactions that extend the standard gaming experience.

Yet this additional Downloadable Content (DLC), available on popular gaming platforms, such as Steam and Epic, is poorly protected. Hacking DLC has become a standard practice and can be easily achieved, ridding game developers of their well-deserved profit.

To put a stop to it, a protective solution for DLC was needed, but until now it was nowhere to be found.

Downloadable content properly protected

That is where we’ve stepped in and developed Denuvo SecureDLC, the industry’s first solution that protects downloadable content against piracy.

Yes, you read that right – no other game protection provider has a similar solution in their portfolio.

The product is used in addition to our existing Denuvo Anti-Tamper product. It works as a small and simple API-based addition that only requires a minor modification of your game’s source code. As our customer using Denuvo Secure DLC, not only will you be able to protect your additional revenue stream, but also, you’ll be able to enable additional business models for your game.

Try it out!

This latest addition to our game protection portfolio plugs the final hole in your income. Together with our anti-cheat and anti-tamper products, it gives your game the necessary protection, no matter its lifecycle stage.

Want to give it a try? Reach out to us now!


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