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The Digital Key to the Future

After years of standardization work and early solutions, it’s very exciting to see the collaboration between Apple and BMW to launch their BMW Connected Drive app as a key solution. This digital key technology is a fantastic step forward for the industry and paves the way for the consumer to access incredible digital control capabilities over their car. Capabilities such as:

  • Phone-based Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS).
  • Contactless, remote and unmanaged (no people) business interactions and models.
  • Flexible key sharing.

This technology provides richer and more dynamic policies around vehicle control and will undoubtedly cause dramatic shifts in fleet and rental applications.

Richer and more dynamic policies around vehicle control

Even more exciting are the standardization activities happening around digital key solutions. With standardization being very important in the industry to provide consumers with choice and flexibility, Irdeto continues to actively support these standardization efforts.

Extensible standards enable capabilities such as removing the need to take your phone out of your pocket and enabling key-sharing in broader ways separate from mobile devices. This paves the way for a limitless future.

Letting technology and solution providers to deliver beyond the norm

As a member of the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), we believe it’s also extremely important to foster and enable innovation through these standards. The very best standards are shaped in a way that lets technology and solution providers deliver beyond the norm to enable new features, deliver segment-specific capabilities, and satisfy particular regional and market nuances in a way that creates a seamless experience for users, both in the consumer world and the business world. This ultimately creates more technology for standards-based adoption over time.

Capabilities that enable the control and flexibility needed to drive new and unique business models in the automotive world

In addition to all the core functionality that the CCC has been working hard to standardize, there is a need for capabilities well beyond what is in the current and upcoming standards. These additional capabilities enable the control and flexibility needed to drive new and unique business models in the automotive world, as well as many other segments. These segments include both heavy and light commercial fleets, off-highway construction and light equipment rental, and a world of use cases we haven’t even considered yet! Having standards in place allows us to align with them as we develop new ideas. By helping to shape the future, we’ll be ready for it.

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