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The high costs of mispulls in fleet management: Can they be avoided?


In the logistics and transportation industry, mispulling assets (trailers, containers or cargo) is more than just a minor inconvenience – it’s a costly mistake that can seriously impact the bottom line. Mispulls affect the entire supply chain, leading to delayed deliveries, wasted resources and dissatisfied customers. With potential costs exceeding $15,000 per incident, the financial stakes are high.

But what if there was a way to entirely eliminate these errors?

The domino effect of trailer, container and cargo mispulls

When the wrong asset is pulled, several layers of the logistics operation is affected. Rectifying this error then becomes a top priority which can result in rerouting vehicles, both domestic and international. This adds hefty costs due to fuel wastage (around $1.69 per mile), increases the wear and tear on vehicles and can cause significant delays in delivery schedules.

These delays can also jeopardize sensitive just-in-time deliveries such as perishable goods, leading to spoiled products and financial losses due to late delivery penalties. On the customer front, delayed or incorrect deliveries can also erode trust and damage business relationships, potentially leading to lost contracts and tarnished reputations.

Mispulls involving hazardous materials can escalate these issues further, leading to severe compliance violations, fines and in the worst cases, serious health and safety risks.

Game-changing precision with Trailer Validation

If you want mispulls to be a thing of the past, Trailer Validation by Irdeto should become your new best friend in fleet management. It provides you with the power of precision and control at your fingertips and directly targets the root causes of mispulls:

  • Seamless integration with no hardware required

    The system integrates effortlessly with existing fleet management software via APIs, enhancing the existing infrastructure without the need for expensive hardware upgrades.

  • Instant verification

    Each trailer is equipped with a unique identification number which drivers then scan using a mobile app before departure, ensuring that the trailer being attached is the correct one for the scheduled delivery.

  • Real-time alerts

    If a discrepancy is detected during the scanning process, both the driver and central dispatch are alerted instantly.

With these key features, fleet managers can rest assured that drivers will attach the right asset from the yard, every time!

Trailer Validation by Irdeto was created alongside our customers and is tailored to meet the needs of modern fleet operations. Through integration, your fleet management will run like a well-oiled engine with flawless dispatch accuracy and optimized operational efficiency. With one solution, you can minimize delays caused by trailer swaps and searches, speed up the dispatch process and ensure better adherence to delivery schedules.

Want to avoid mishaps?

Don’t let avoidable mistakes hamper your business. Switch to smarter, safer and more reliable fleet operations today with Trailer Validation by Irdeto.

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