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Pay-TV: The top 5 ways to attract more subscribers

The top 5 ways for pay-TV operators to attract more subscribers

Video content is being consumed at a phenomenal rate. The viewing base has grown to a state of being constantly hungry for the next best show. The abundance of Over-the-Top (OTT) streaming platforms, the continuous release of series and the ability to watch without interruption, has generated an interest in a new content-viewing medium outside of the pay-TV ecosystem.

However, if managed smartly, pay-TV can pull their audience back and attract new subscribers to their services. With the advantages of lag-free viewing over a steady connection, to the quicker adaptation of 4K resolutions, pay-TV provides a premium experience. This article explores 5 top strengths that give pay-TV the edge over OTT streaming.

Adopt a hybrid model

One of the biggest advantages of enhancing your broadcast offerings with the addition of OTT video services are the content diversification and accessibility. Operators can offer their subscribers a broader portfolio of content including their own productions, local content, premium sports, Hollywood studios content and premium apps (e.g., Netflix, Disney+, Prime) among others.

Pay-TV operators such as Sky, Airtel and Xfinity, for example, have already expanded, providing new services on multiple platforms. By going hybrid, you can combine traditional TV and OTT services under a single managed Set-Top-Box (STB) service, appealing to and attracting a new generation of subscribers who consume a wider array of content.

Secure your access to offer premium content

Content is the forefront of what makes a video service successful and therefore ensuring that your service offers the premium content that subscribers are after is essential. Premium studios, sports-rights holders and premium apps are all incredibly careful with where and how their content becomes available. When their content is leaked or pirated it affects both their business image and their revenue.

These days, service providers must meet a series of security requirements to access premium content and applications. In order to attract new subscribers, service providers must ensure their video platforms comply with the requirements pertaining to both performance and user experience.

Keep your audience’s attention with personalized content

OTT services cover a wide range of video content, but with so much choice comes decision fatigue. Viewers of OTT streams spend on average 10 minutes deciding what to watch, before either giving up or returning to old favorites.

With a unified hybrid platform, pay-TV operators have access to valuable data about their subscribers’ likes and preferences, to identify what content is being watched the most and build personalized content packages to improve their offering continuously and attracting more subscribers. Furthermore, pay-TV can provide a consistent premium experience across a changing list of trending OTT apps, including billing, preferences and features, such as advanced search capabilities across multiple platforms.

Offer choice with attractive payment models

The video entertainment industry is at a turning point again. OTT services are now pushing for more accessible payment tiers with advertising-based offerings, in addition to their premium subscriptions. A recent study shows that the majority of viewers have no immediate issue with ad-based viewing and that only 30% of the remaining audience would prefer to consume ad-free content.

Offering a variety of payment business models that meet the needs of different market segments allows service providers to reach new consumer segments. For example, offering premium subscriptions for those who are willing to pay for it, as well as a low budget package with ad-based services to attract those that are more price sensitive. 

Extend the reach of your features

In advancing markets, the access to fast and reliable internet connectivity means that pay-TV subscribers can enjoy a greater breadth of both advanced features and services. Some of which include gaming, voice control, online shopping and utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT). For market growth, pay-TV operators should have the future in mind, adhering to the convenience of connectivity, where users include video experiences are part of their daily lives.

With an effective implementation of these 5 points and great super aggregator solutions, pay-TV operators can attract more subscribers and grow their business to compete in the era of super aggregation.

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