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Irdeto News

Denuvo by Irdeto Unveils TraceMark for Gaming at GDC 

TraceMark for Gaming uniquely addresses the challenge of content leakage, especially during the sensitive pre-release phase of game development.  

Filmbankmedia selects Irdeto TraceMark to bolster content security 

Representing Hollywood majors, leading Bollywood and independent studios and distributors internationally for non-theatrical content distribution and technology solutions, Filmbankmedia now uses Irdeto’s forensic watermark for enhanced content security. 

Gaming Protection Insights


Bots are invading your mobile games: Get ready to take them on! 


Is your mobile game immune to cheating?


Can game leaks affect the future of your game? 


False positives in cheating in games: Who’s telling the truth? 


E-book: Bots in video games and how to fight them 

Cheaters are using bots to reap the rewards and progress in-game with no effort. The popularity of bots makes games less engaging and ruins the bottom line for studios. It’s time for developers to fight back!


E-book: Why players cheat – The psychology of unfair play

Cheating in video games isn’t just about unfair advantages; it’s about the psyche behind the screen. By understanding why some choose the shadowy path of cheats and hacks, we can forge stronger, fairer gaming communities together.  

Cybersecurity Talks

The latest episode of our ‘Cybersecurity Talks’ podcast features an insightful take from our expert on the issues of cheating and piracy in mobile games, along with the ever-evolving threat posed by gaming bots.

Are cheaters and pirates ruining your game? 

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