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Android TV Security

Fast-track your hybrid Android TV deployment with pre-integrated security and proven partnerships

Viewers clearly want convenience

OTT streaming has brought consumers an unprecedented variety of content, but too much choice can be overwhelming. Viewers crave convenience: a hassle-free connected device that features all their favorite live TV and video on demand. They want top quality picture and sound plus a great user experience without having to juggle streaming devices and remote controls.

Operators must move fast to launch hybrid STBs and retain control of living room viewing

With Android TV STBs, pay-TV operators can rapidly become the super-aggregator their subscribers need. The Google Play Store instantly places attractive OTT apps alongside the operator’s own content. But adding a HD/4K DVB tuner and conditional access to Android TV STBs still requires significant integration and testing, especially if you’re aiming for Netflix certification. This increases the cost and timeline for launching a STB.

The Irdeto Armor TV Input is a fully integrated DVB stack that enables operators to rapidly launch a secure and cost-effective hybrid Android TV set-top-box with a choice of leading chipsets. It cuts STB project timelines by up to six months.

The off-the-shelf route to hybrid Android TV success

Pre-integrated DVB stack

Irdeto has done the heavy lifting to make the Armor TV Input the fastest way to offer secure broadcast channels on the latest version of Android TV STB. We’ve pre-integrated our Cloaked Conditional Access with a 4K DVB stack and the Hybrid Operator Tier User Interface, including support for PVR.

Diverse choice of vendors

Irdeto can demonstrate a fully pre-integrated and pre-certified Armor TV input on Skyworth-Amlogic reference platforms. These are continuously integrated on the latest versions of Android TV. The Armor TV input is ready for use with all relevant security approved hybrid SoC partners including: Amlogic, Broadcom and Mediatek; OEM partners including: Skyworth, Technicolor, Comscope, SEI Robotics, Coship and UX partners including: 3SS, IFS, Tata Elxsi, Accedo and more.

Partnerships with Google and Netflix

Irdeto has an “early access” partnership agreement with Google and is an active supporter of the Netflix Hybrid Hailstorm program.

Supports Watermarking and Multi-DRM

The Armor TV Input is pre-integrated with other Irdeto end to end solutions including broadcast and OTT watermarkingDRM, as well as the award-winning App Watch which is critical to manage the risks of operating an open App Store platform.

De-risk your hybrid TV project with fast, cost-effective and proven solutions

Irdeto is a recognized market leader in hybrid Android TV with many launched customers including: Tata Sky, Airtel, True Visions and more. The Armor TV Input is a key credibility factor for our operators who find our continuously pre-certified and pre-integrated solutions and expertise help them to avoid costly ad-hoc integrations, increase margins and reduce their Android TV deployment schedules by up to six months. This is also critical and guarantees a smooth upgrade for future Android TV Versions and safety.

With Armor TV, operators don’t need costly systems integrators or separate middleware. Irdeto has already done the hard work so the costs of rolling-out Android TV’s exciting built-in feature set are deterministic and proven up-front.

With the Armor TV Input’s broad ecosystem of technology partners there’s no risk of vendor lock-in. Operators can shop around for Google-licensed STB partners now and in the future, to maximize the benefits of the open platform.

Pre-integration with Irdeto’s watermarking and multi-DRM solutions means operators can get all-round STB platform security from a single provider, smoothing the path to 4K content rights and simplifying operations.

Your partner in Android TV success

Operators must take care to act fairly and within the spirit of openness that underpins the Android TV platform. Irdeto’s expertise bridges the gap between Silicon Valley and the pay-TV industry. We can effectively guide you on how to use the power of Android TV and App Watch.

We help you meet your business needs without straying into restrictive territory that could damage your relationship with subscribers or breach your Google licensing agreements.

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