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Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

Protect your most valuable digitals assets
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Protect your investments from IP theft, tampering and unauthorized use with our suite of multiple patent-pending solutions. They incorporate the strongest security technologies that Irdeto has developed over 50 years to provide robust innovative protection for a wide array of IP Protection use cases.

Our IP Protection Solutions

Data Forensics

Protect your investments in large datasets with our forensic identification and watermarking technologies. Create courtroom-ready forensic proof with our fingerprinting and watermarking solutions to support your IP and copyright claims.

Software Protection

Protect your software from adversarial attacks, reverse engineering and tampering. Choose from a range of options: from essential security for web-based mobile applications to comprehensive protection for native applications on any platform.

Software License Management

Prevent unauthorized use of your devices and decouple user privileges from your local systems by enabling subscription models, feature locking, time limits and geo-locking. Enjoy an easy integration with your existing software with no license dongle required.

AI/ML Model Protection

Ensure that your large investments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models are secure. Our AI/ML Security solutions ensure protection from a vast array of attack types both in the cloud and on the edge.

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