cPortal and Irdeto partner to offer end-to-end anti-piracy solution for small and midsize enterprises in the LATAM OTT market

Irdeto continues to expand its footprint in Latin America as leading provider of multi-DRM and anti-piracy solutions through a partnership catered to medium and smaller OTT operators


AMSTERDAM – September 15, 2023Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform cybersecurity, is proud to announce a partnership with cPortal, a video entertainment solutions integrator and developer of OTT services for small and medium-sized TV operators and internet service providers (ISPs) in Latin America.

The collaboration promises to be a game-changer for the market, offering a comprehensive end-to-end OTT solution, including access to Irdeto Control, the industry’s most reliable, scalable, and secure multi-DRM solution. Irdeto Control empowers TV operators of all sizes with effortless integration, management, and unwavering global support, ensuring differentiation and the delivery of an unparalleled user experience. This newfound capability will enable TV operators to attract more subscribers, consequently fostering business growth.

The OTT market in Latin America continues to see explosive growth and fragmentation, with an array of providers catering to diverse niches and preferences. This dynamic landscape presents fresh opportunities for smaller, niche-focused TV operators to enter the market. Furthermore, advances in streaming technology have bolstered content delivery and user experiences, making it increasingly feasible for smaller operators to compete effectively in the OTT space.

Historically, the requirement for a substantial number of licenses to access a DRM solution posed a significant barrier for small and medium-sized OTT operators. Through this groundbreaking partnership with cPortal and other OTT platform providers, companies of all sizes can now access the same security benefits that were once exclusive to tier-1 TV operators. Regardless of the number of licenses issued, Irdeto Control caters to diverse business models with the same renowned quality that has solidified its standing in the industry.

This partnership presents a golden opportunity for smaller TV operators with constrained budgets and limited scale to acquire an off-the-shelf, end-to-end OTT solution, thus gaining a competitive edge across the thriving LATAM markets.

Key Business Benefits of Irdeto Control:

  • Revenue Boost: Enables legitimate revenue growth through versatile rights management and effective credential sharing control.
  • High Availability: Offers industry-leading SLAs and auto-scaling capabilities to manage traffic surges.
  • Global Expansion: Ensures high-quality global OTT service expansion regardless of location or time.
  • Rapid Deployment: Provides a swift time-to-market for new services, client devices, and DRM features.
  • Managed Cloud Service: Now offered as a fully managed “pay-as-you-grow” cloud service.
  • Dedicated Support: Includes 24×7 monitoring and dedicated customer support.

Key Features of Irdeto Control:

  • DRM Security: Supports Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine Modular, and Apple FairPlay Streaming.
  • Content Encryption: Complies with CPIX 2.3 standards, AWS SPEKE 2.0, and offers various track types and key rotation.
  • Streaming Formats: Compatible with HLS, MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming, and CMAF.
  • Delivery Methods: Facilitates live streaming, VOD, Download & Go (including offline rental), and Catch-up TV.
  • Consumer Authorization: Supports session tokens

“Irdeto’s Multi-DRM solution has proven to be a game-changer for our business. The technology, the support, and the overall experience have been exceptional. We are excited about the future possibilities this partnership holds and look forward to continuing our journey with Irdeto Control to further enhance our content distribution strategy.”, said Stefano Costa, CEO at cPortal.

“This landmark partnership enables TV operators and ISPs of all sizes to offer secure, high-quality OTT services that rival those of their larger counterparts. As the OTT landscape continues to evolve, this collaboration with cPortal ensures that smaller players can thrive, delivering compelling content and experiences to viewers across the region.”, said Andrew Bunten, COO of Video Entertainment at Irdeto.

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