Irdeto and Twise moving forward with CI Plus 2.0 USB CAM

Irdeto and Twise have teamed-up to expand the CI Plus 2.0 eco-system currently in place and are bringing a new software solution to the market. Combining Irdeto Cloaked CA technology and Twise latest CI Plus stack tailored for MT5711 Mediatek chipsets, the new solution has been designed to comply with the highest security requirements including CI Plus ECP based on a secure chipset anchor.

This pre-integrated and pre-certified solution enables any manufacturer to produce a USB CAM in a record time. First products are expected first half of 2023.

Support for a common interface for TVs with integrated digital tuner in Europe has been given since 2002. 20 years later, it’s true to say it is time for a change. Indeed, Conditional Access Module (CAM) in its current PCMCIA form factor is kind of old fashioned and a review is needed and even mandatory. Step forward the CI Plus 2.0 USB CAM!

Changing from PCMCIA to USB offers several benefits due to the modern USB interface such as a more practical form factor, easier production possibility and distribution. From a TV perspective, ultimately significant space and cost saving can be achieved. It also offers an excellent solution to address the shortage of STBs.

Moreover, the PCMCIA form factor has geographically limited the market almost completely to Europe. But now with USB, CE manufacturers are provided with growth opportunities in India, MENA, LATAM and African regions as USB interface is widely deployed and doesn’t require any additional hardware cost; making it possible to deploy CI Plus beyond Europe.

This makes local manufacturing possible and enables national activities as the production could be undertaken by any CE manufacturer (TV or STB) anywhere in the world. In addition, local production minimizes the USB CAMs carbon footprint thus making it a sustainable and ecologically friendly choice as it minimizes the carbon footprint.

Finally, the USB CAM being a CA client is agnostic in terms of codecs, audio/video decoding, resolution. Therefore, it can easily accompany any technology transition (ASO, modulation change, or encoding system change) in a smooth manner relying on the latest up to date TV capabilities.

All in all, the joined solution developed by Irdeto and Twise brings a trustworthy, fully standardized and cost optimized alternative for Operators / Customers.

“We are excited to bring new growth opportunities to the CE manufacturers globally while also offering the more sustainable choice. Cloaked CA helps to eliminate the logistical expenses and complexity associated with smart card distribution. The local manufacturing of USB CAMs further reduces the environmental impact. We are happy to be able to bring this new solution to the market together with Twise,” said Peter Oggel, CTO and SVP of Solutions at Irdeto.

Stéphanie Bizouerne, Twise co-founder, reports: “We’ve been cooperating with Irdeto over the last years, and we are proud to achieve this new milestone jointly! The solution paves the way for a CI Plus 2.0 USB CAM deployment in a very near future.”


About Twise

Twise is a company developing embedded software for the digital TV market, and more precisely delivering innovative and secure solutions to the major players in the industry. The very experienced and recognized team develops software solutions tailored for CI Plus Conditional Access Modules (CAM) and notably for the last CI Plus 2.0 USB CAM. Twise values people and our goal is to work in harmony and respect with our team but also with our partners and customers. Thinking and acting with enthusiasm for any projects while adapting is part of our core values!

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