Irdeto Redefines Efficiency in Logistics Management by Launching Trailer Validation

Trailer Validation by Irdeto is expected to save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually through the advent of precise operational oversight

Detroit – April 29, 2024Irdeto, the global leader in digital platform security, today announces the latest addition to its acclaimed Keystone by Irdeto solution by introducing Trailer Validation to its ecosystem of existing products. With a simplified vehicle identification system at its core, Trailer Validation by Irdeto streamlines logistical operations from the outset, making it an optimal solution both for integration with Keystone by Irdeto and as a standalone product.

Unlike traditional trailer asset tracking tools that merely provide live vehicle location feeds, Trailer Validation by Irdeto revolutionizes the process by ensuring precise vehicle selection from the get-go. Operating via a user-friendly app and cloud-based system, it confirms the vehicle’s accuracy after a driver scans the designated trailer number. If the app detects any discrepancies, it immediately triggers alerts to the dispatch office via a preferred notification method. This approach allows for proactive corrective measures before departure, thus avoiding costly delays. The impact is particularly profound in light of the substantial cost savings for customers, ranging from thousands of dollars upwards for a single mispulled fleet, dependent on its type, distance driven and load.

While Trailer Validation by Irdeto effectively streamlines logistical workflows as an independent product, its capabilities are significantly enhanced when paired with Keystone by Irdeto. Other than notifying dispatch, the pairing delivers a more robust solution for reducing and addressing potential security risks. By integrating with the digital key solution, Trailer Validation by Irdeto gains the ability to prevent unauthorized key access attempts, such as in the case of erroneous trailer number scanning or complete circumvention of this step.

In addition, it offers seamless utilization without the need for extensive training or cumbersome navigation of additional hardware. Given that the entire process is optimized into a straightforward scan-and-confirm procedure in the Keystone mobile application, Trailer Validation by Irdeto empowers users to effortlessly achieve accurate results in seconds, making it the ideal solution for anyone involved in trailer management. Furthermore, it caters to a wide array of transport needs and container types as long as they possess valid number identifications.

“Trailer Validation by Irdeto is a truly pivotal advancement in the realm of logistical operations that elevates operations to a completely new level, while also ensuring pre-emptive mitigation of costly errors,” shared Niels Haverkorn, SVP, New Markets at Irdeto. “We are particularly excited to witness its expansion into diverse markets as a standalone product, further showcasing its versatility and value across various industries,” he added.

As the pioneering tool in the current market, Trailer Validation by Irdeto stands as a testament to Irdeto’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to addressing industry needs. By streamlining logistical operations and offering a versatile solution adaptable to various setups, Trailer Validation by Irdeto redefines the very essence of efficiency and security standards in trailer management. Its introduction marks a significant milestone in empowering businesses to navigate complex logistics with ease and confidence.

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