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Irdeto’s Anti-Piracy Suite crowned best cybersecurity by CSI Awards team

Irdeto’s collection of technologies that make up the Irdeto Anti-Piracy Suite can identify and solve diverse business threats and predict the challenges on the horizon.


AMSTERDAM – September 30, 2021 – Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform security, today announces its Anti-Piracy Suite has won the Best Cybersecurity Product or Service category at the CSI Awards 2021.

Established in 2003, the CSI awards are among the most prestigious and competitive technology awards in the industry, designed to recognize and reward innovation and excellence in the cable, satellite, broadcast, IPTV, telco, broadband/OTT video, mobile TV, and associated sectors.

“Taking home this award win is another proof point that the wisdom gained from decades of fighting piracy and cyber threats, coupled with the best technology, is key to shutting down pirates and cybercriminals. Irdeto’s scalable, cloud-based automated technology and team of multi-disciplinary specialists are among the best at combatting online piracy. Irdeto has a successful track record in rapidly identifying and disrupting piracy operations, as well as tracking down the pirates themselves and their supply chains so that our customers’ valuable content is secured,” said Mark Mulready, VP of Cyber Services at Irdeto.

The Irdeto Anti-Piracy Suite can be leveraged to solve a broad range of business threats as well as to predict the challenges on the horizon. The suite can be tailored so that customers can easily and quickly prepare, adapt and respond to the diversity of cyber and piracy threats that may affect them. With the Anti-Piracy Suite technology, Irdeto is able to identify new piracy activities, sale of counterfeit products, and report on emerging market trends to work with our customers to advise on best practices and ensure they are able to stay one step ahead of the pirates.

Our Anti-Piracy and Cyber Services team includes forensic analysts, cryptography experts, security software engineers, intelligence analysts, investigators, legal and law enforcement specialists, and content security thought leaders. Powered by wisdom and the most robust security in the business, Irdeto ensures that operators are able to meet their customers’ demands and disrupt pirate’s business model, giving consumers a knockout experience.

We’re passionate about protection and we appreciate the recognition of our commitment to combatting cybercriminals head on, delivering tailored solutions and customer service – 365 days/year, 24×7, which is truly unique within this market.

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