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Refreshed Irdeto brand unveiled

The new positioning focuses on the value offered across all business verticals

AMSTERDAM, December 3, 2021 – Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform cybersecurity, officially unveiled the company’s new refreshed brand identity as it continues to exponentially expand its reach across traditional and connected industries. The refresh comes after decades of strong growth, powered by an innovative global team whose technical brilliance puts Irdeto at the forefront of cybersecurity.

Having solved the world’s global security challenges for more than half a century, Irdeto’s continued growth and long-term partnerships are proof of its success. The company has grown beyond being recognized as the world leader in security for the video entertainment industry, to now being acknowledged as a key partner in empowering new industries such as transportation, infrastructure, healthcare and video games. Underpinned by more than 50 years of security excellence, the company continues to create unique solutions that drive innovation while fighting cybercrime.

The new tagline of ’Protect. Renew. Empower’ emphasizes the value that Irdeto brings to its customers, realizing that cyberthreats are ever-changing, always requiring problem-solvers with the skills to guide customers through uncertainty, and evolving to meet the new and unforeseen challenges of the future. Irdeto is focused on understanding these complex challenges and empowering its customers to innovate and therefore enabling them to be frontrunners of their industry. Empowering a secure world where people can connect with confidence is done by providing technically superior security solutions driven by the best team in the industry.

“Irdeto has evolved so much over the years. We have entered new businesses, developed ground-breaking technologies and conquered new heights in different industries. Our newly articulated identity is a reinforcement of our promise to be forever relentless in building the best security and committed to our customers so they can innovate in a cyberthreat-free world,” said Lisa Spencer, VP of Marketing at Irdeto.

“No one can say for certain what lies ahead, but we dare to prepare and promise to protect, renew and empower so that our customers can move forward with everlasting confidence,” added Spencer.

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