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Zero Hour becomes safer as M7 Productions deploys Denuvo Anti-Cheat

M7 Productions will keep their recent release Zero Hour fair and without cheaters by using Denuvo latest technology

AMSTERDAM – May 24, 2022M7 Productions, a leading video games production company based in Bangladesh, has implemented Denuvo Anti-Cheat to protect their latest multi-player game Zero Hour. Denuvo by Irdeto, the global leader in video games protection, now helps M7 Productions to keep Zero Hour fair and safe from cheating. Zero Hour is distributed worldwide via Steam.

The deployment of Denuvo Anti-Cheat comes on a demand of gamers who have suffered from unfair gaming while playing and want to play fair game. The game developers are equally concerned about the impact of cheating; Denuvo’s recent survey revealed that 70% of respondents worry about cheating and declined user engagement. M7 Productions is therefore taking an action to safeguard their game and is ramping up its’ anti-cheat measures to provide a fair and positive gaming experience for all players. Zero Hour is a tactical FPS online team-based action gameplay that takes place across a variety of locations in Bangladesh with real-life scale and resource management. Inspired by various other tactical shooter games, Zero Hours tries to bring a very grounded Team vs. Team experience.

The Denuvo Anti-Cheat technology includes key security features such as integrity verification, protection against static and dynamic analysis and state of the art obfuscation to ensure maximum protection against cheaters and hackers. It is also fine-tuned to each individual game title to ensure there is no performance impact while guaranteeing no false positives and maximum detection.

“Our Denuvo Anti-Cheat technology is only enabled in multi-player gaming mode and has a minimal impact on user’s experience while still guaranteeing maximum protection against cheating, which is a key requirement from the game developers and publishers”, says Reinhard Blaukovitsch, Managing Director of Denuvo. “We are very happy to work with M7 Productions to secure fairness and transparency to all players of Zero Hour and help them to play safe and fair game”, he added.

“If you’ve ever played a game that has a competitive element, you’ve probably played against a cheater. And there should be no tolerance for cheaters. It ruins video games for everyone”, said Meheraj Hassan Maruf, CEO of M7 Productions. “Having the latest technology by Denuvo will provide a fair experience to all players of Zero Hour. It has been a very positive experience, very easy to integrate with our system and it didn’t require any source code modification”, concluded Maruf.

Denuvo is at the forefront of games security with over 2 billion unique game installs protected across all platforms, and over 1,000 games secured. Denuvo’s Anti-Cheat incorporates advanced technology to secure both online gameplay as well as securely reward offline progress. The technology helps game developers protect sensitive game logic and data, preventing cheaters from changing sensitive variables and ensuring its trustworthiness.

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