Cybercrime is one of the fastest growing areas of crime. It is a global problem. The digitally connected business environment is here to stay, but there is a dark side to this. Criminals are taking advantage of the speed, convenience, accessibility and most importantly the anonymity of the internet to commit a range of crimes.

We offer an extensive range of security services and have a dedicated global team, including cyber security and computer forensic analysts with years of law enforcement and legal experience. With experience across different industries and a global network of partners, we are well positioned to track and expose the highly complex, globally connected cybercriminal networks.

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Protecting your brand, investments and rights against cyber threats

Gaining actionable insight into business threats: Using advanced automated tools and expert interaction, we gather data from the web and Darknet. With the Irdeto Cyber Intelligence Service, this data is analyzed and assessed based on customer requirements. Customers receive tailored reports on threats to their business including content, technology, brand and people. With this intelligence, customers can prioritize and mitigate threats to protect their business.

Protecting your online brand from pirates: Our automated web crawlers monitor e-commerce trading sites in order to detect and take down infringing advertisements. We collaborate with major global online marketplaces including Alibaba, Aliexpress, 1688, Taobao, eBay and Amazon. As such, we have a proven track record to effectively take down advertisements for pirate and counterfeit products globally.

Enforcing copyright IP rights by unmasking digital cyber criminals: Irdeto’s Cyber Investigation and Enforcement Service gathers evidence for customers to enforce their copyright IP rights across digital platforms (e.g., pay media, payments or automotive). From performing the technical and forensic device analysis to law enforcement and expert witness testimony. By building a case, we are able to support customer enforcement activities such as pursuing civil litigation or criminal prosecution.

Identifying and understanding impact of security vulnerabilities on your business: Our Cyber Services team works with customers to advise them on how to make digital platforms secure. We help customers prevent cyber-attacks by training relevant personnel and performing security reviews. Irdeto can also perform penetration testing on IT infrastructure and web applications. Irdeto also offers 24/7 Incident Response Hotline support and the capability for cyber forensic investigations.

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