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Size does not mean compromise - mobile game protection is affordable for all studios

Mobile games protection

Game publishers and developers spend weeks, months and years working on new and exciting mobile games. They invest their time, hard work and creativity into their games. However, as soon as this game is released, it becomes the target of pirates and cheaters and ruins the intense work and efforts of the studio.

The mobile games industry continues to be the fastest growing segment in the global gaming market. In 2021, the mobile gaming industry is expected to dominate the global gaming market by 59%. Pirates and cheaters continue to target mobile games as soon as they are released, sometimes even before, so that they can release their own version of the game.

How is a pirated game different from the legitimate version?

When gamers are playing a pirated version of a game, they aren’t experiencing the game as intended.

Pirated games not only lack some of the key features of the legitimate game – high score leaderboards, multiplayer real-time gaming, but also don’t receive the critical updates that keep the games up to date and competitive.

How does cheating affect the legitimate games industry?

According to a Global Gaming Survey, 78% of gamers say they would leave a game if there are cheaters, and 46% said that they are less likely to buy in-game content if they encounter cheating. Not only does this turn legitimate gamers off from purchasing and playing games that are rife with hacks and cheats, ruining the gaming experience for real gamers and tarnishing a franchise, it also diminishes revenue for the developer, meaning their ability to invest in new and exciting future games is at risk.

Are revenues really impacted by hacking and cheating?

Beyond the cheating issues which turns away people from games, piracy takes away critical app store revenues (if not a freemium game), ad-revenues and in-game purchase revenues. These are essential revenue streams for gaming studios, and pirated versions of games either allows playing the game ad-free and with everything unlocked… or worse, sometimes games are repurposed and published to make the pirates money!

So, if mobile games are indeed a target for cheaters and hackers, why aren’t more game publishers and developers rushing to protect their mobile games?

Unfortunately, there is a common idea that it’s too expensive to protect a mobile game.

The misconception is that mobile games protection is meant only for the blockbuster games from AAA studios. Games from smaller indie studios deserve to be protected as well!

The truth is, it costs less than you think to protect a mobile game. Without breaking the bank, game publishers and developers can secure their mobile games – and revenue – from piracy and cheating which benefits everyone in the long run: players, communities and gaming studios.

Can indie gaming studios afford to protect their mobile games?

Yes! Recently, our team worked closely with Traplight to secure their latest mobile game: Battle Legion. Traplight is a small but enthusiastic team of 30, working together with their shared passion for game development. Through our partnership, Traplight was able to integrate protection affordably and easily on their game with exceptional results. To read more about our partnership with Traplight, check out our Traplight case study: Traplight: Partnering with Denuvo to protect their latest game.

All mobile games deserve to be protected to keep them fun and fair for everyone

Mobile games protection is affordable by all studios – big or small! Denuvo Mobile Protection secures mobile games, and revenue, from piracy and cheating to help keep games fair and fun for everyone. It’s affordable by all, lightweight, easy and fast to implement, integrates in minutes (not days), doesn’t require any game source code modification and requires little to no effort by publishers or developers. All with zero effect to a legitimate gamer’s experience and no modification of the source code.

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