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Conditional Access System

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Irdeto Cloaked CA is the most advanced and most widely deployed cardless conditional access system for broadcast and IPTV operators worldwide.  Leveraging Irdeto’s exclusive core security technology (Cloakware) to protect both the content and the software itself, Cloaked CA is recognized by all major Hollywood studios and has been repeatedly certified for premium content protection by independent industry auditors.

Irdeto Cloaked CA: a secure, flexible and cost-effective CA system

Uncompromised security: Irdeto Cloaked CA offers the same level of security as a smart card solution. By leveraging the “hardware root of trust” with client-side SoC keys, both the content and the software itself are secured. The solution has been audited and certified by independent parties, most recently by Farncomb (Cartesian) in 2017.

Reduced total cost of ownership: By replacing the need for smart cards, Cloaked CA eliminates the logistical expenses and complexity associated with smart card distribution and replacement. This results in a vastly reduced TCO of up to 40%.

Increased agility: Cloaked CA delivers renewable security, enabling operators to update clients quickly and easily without costly card swaps. The added flexibility allows for fast and efficient response to piracy attacks and enables operators to add new features to STBs over the air.

Deployment flexibility: Cloaked CA is fully scalable and compatible with a wide range of third party devices and systems. The system can be deployed either on customer premises or as a fully managed service (managed CA).

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