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Hyundai implements Irdeto’s Keystone into all new vehicle models in China

New connected cars will allow owners to securely control entry and vehicle usage polices with their smart phone


AMSTERDAM – 29 September 2020 Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform security, today announces the implementation of Keystone in all the new models of Beijing Hyundai Motor Corporate (BHMC)’s vehicles. Keystone, Irdeto’s secure, policy-based digital key solution for vehicles, provides an access management platform, enabling global vehicle manufacturers to give more control to owners over their vehicle access and usage.

Consumers today demand convenience, flexibility and customization in their connected device experience and service, and their connected cars are no exception. To provide flexibility and digital control to its customers, BHMC has integrated Keystone into its all vehicle models, allowing owners to eliminate the need for physical keys to the car and enabling them to control how their vehicles get used, and by whom. This service is enabled through a mobile device and a connected mobile app, making it easy and hassle-free for the vehicle owners to set policies around their vehicle operation and access through a few simple swipes in an app.

This will be the first time Hyundai customers will be able to enjoy this level of control over vehicle entry. In addition, consumers can rest assured that their vehicle or app is protected with best-in-class security techniques. Combining secure and tamper-proof policy management to prevent a multitude of potential vehicle hacks, Keystone is a safe and user-friendly system easily accessed from the vehicle owners’ smart phones, allowing owners to create and control policies around multi-user vehicle access, settings and usage. Irdeto, the global cybersecurity leader, utilizes its own security in-depth architectures, best practices and technologies to ensure that Keystone cannot be compromised.

Hyundai has implemented Keystone into all news models of ix25s and Sonata 10 and will implement the solution into all new car models going forward.

“Connectivity is becoming a key part of the automotive experience for drivers and passengers. New connected car business models are revolutionizing the automotive space and security must be built-in from the ground up,” says Niels Haverkorn, General Manager of Connected Transport at Irdeto. “Forward thinking OEMs such as Hyundai understand the importance of implementing new practices based on changing customer behavior with an increased need for strong security. Keystone ensures that the vehicle owners have the power to control their vehicle and keep it safe.”

Keystone is a secure, policy-based vehicle digital key solution that leverages Bluetooth Low Energy technology to enable proximity-based vehicle access using a smartphone and shared mobility use cases. The solution also includes ECU-side functionality and cloud services, as well as a complete back-end management system with analytics.

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