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Irdeto and Crypto4A partner to bring hyper-converged security platform QxEDGE™ to new markets

Secure datacenter at the edge uniquely solves key challenges in automotive, rail, and construction industries enabling innovative new business and operational models


AMSTERDAM, January 28, 2021 – Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform security, today announces its partnership with Crypto4A, a company providing quantum-ready cybersecurity foundations for a trusted digital world. The companies have partnered to bring QxEDGE™ to the automotive, rail, and construction industries. This innovative, hyper-converged cybersecurity platform will allow Tier 1s, OEMs, and operators to deploy and manage highly secure and sensitive workloads and operations in a fully distributed edge-computing manner, enabling new business and operational models.

QxEDGE™ is an evolution beyond Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) that brings together a quantum ready HSM, a general-purpose compute platform, pre-integrated security applications, and world class remote operations and management capabilities, all converged in a single tamper proof enclosure. This allows the safe and secure operation of standard or customized security workloads anywhere in the world that a business needs. In addition to reducing CAPEX and OPEX of traditional security workloads by distributing and sharing infrastructure, it enables SecDevOps teams by reducing the overhead and complexity of traditional security approvals and requests, streamlining development processes.

At the core of new deployments exists a pitfall of cybersecurity complexity. Challenges such as multi-vendor system integrations, and scarcity of resources to manage them creates high-cost implementations. Combined with the fact that existing solutions are inflexible and lack scalability, the slow development and deployment of these solutions hinder companies from addressing their market needs in a timely fashion. This has never been truer than now.

By eliminating the complex problem of securing assets and services and creating scalable, cost-effective and agile infrastructure, organizations will be able to optimize the way they operate.  QxEDGE™ creates a safe environment for business-critical assets, speeds up deployments, and reduces the cost of new business innovation. Additionally, QxEDGE™ allows for a simple and flexible deployment model — from datacenters to cloud and edge computing models.

In addition, the QxEDGE™ solution reduces both CAPEX and OPEX by distributing and sharing infrastructure, reducing wait times and operational complexity, increasing security with quorum policy, while also increasing usability and response times through remote and automated continuous integration/delivery. Irdeto and Crypto4A customers can take advantage of our cybersecurity expertise and a complete range of state-of-the-art features and that can anticipate and minimize the shocks and stresses of future cybersecurity incidents including:

  • Security Testing
  • Code Signing
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Advanced Cryptography incl. Post-Quantum and Evolving Ciphers
  • Root of Trust Management
  • Factory Keying
  • Policy Control
  • Intrusion and Anomaly Detection
  • Security Incident Management

“QxEDGE™ allows our customers to create high-quality integrated solutions that balance best-in-class capabilities, operational efficiencies, and agility with cost. This enables organizations to reduce the total number of vendors in their security stack, thereby increasing efficiency. This is delivered in a simple, easy to deploy, easy to maintain, easy to manage platform that is future proofed against the threat of quantum computers,” said Bruno Couillard, CEO and Co-founder at Crypto4A.

“The combination of Crypto4A’s outstanding technology and Irdeto’s deep experience in offering tailored security services and products for production manufacturing and asset lifecycle security uniquely solve key industry challenges in automotive, rail, and construction. Production line keying, PKI, code signing, and security testing including DevSecOps CI/CD are primary examples. This partnership will allow our customers to create new solutions and operational models with less risk and less cost,” said Niels Haverkorn, General Manager of Connected Transport at Irdeto.

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About Crypto4A

Crypto4A, founded by industry experts who were instrumental in designing the first and second generation of HSMs that underpin the security of today’s Internet, provides enterprises, cloud providers, mobile applications, and IoT developers with sophisticated hardware-based security to protect the digital keys that run commerce, banking, payments, logistics, and keep the entire digital economy safe from cybercriminals and nation state attackers.

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