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Irdeto and Minim expand Trusted Home platform in Russia

OTT/IPTV solution provider Microimpuls will be the first to offer Trusted Home benefits to Russian operators

AMSTERDAM, June 10, 2021 – Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform security, today announces the expansion of the artificial intelligence (AI) -driven Trusted Home platform with new data centers Moscow. The expansion will deliver faster services and improved reliability for Trusted Home, a solution developed jointly by Irdeto and Minim. The Russian addition was catalyzed by Irdeto’s solid partnership with Microimpuls, an established software developer for Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) and over-the-top (OTT) provider that serves over 10 million subscribers from Russia’s leading operators.

Irdeto’s existing partnership with Microimpuls includes the setup of hosted Conditional Access (CA) for operators in Russia and the region. The partnership has now been strengthened by adding the Trusted Home solution into the suite of products offered by Irdeto, providing improved services and experiences to the Microimpuls customers within the region. With a Trusted Home data center running in Russia starting in Q2 2021, the localized facilities will improve the end-user experience.

Trusted Home is an AI-driven network security and Wi-Fi management solution for broadband providers (ISPs) to protect their customers’ home networks. A successful Wi-Fi self-care product won’t just keep subscribers satisfied and loyal, it can also deliver valuable new revenue – offsetting the impact of growing competition on both subscriber growth and ARPU. The Trusted Home intuitive self-care app for Android and iOS gives home users instant control of their home network and its service portal transforms support teams into smart home experts overnight, providing AI-powered network-level threat detection and remote troubleshooting features.

“Trusted Home meets all modern requirements of working in a Wi-Fi environment, both at home and in business and you don’t need to be an expert technician, nor call your operator for home support to connect to multiple devices conveniently”, explained Microimpuls Chief Technology Officer Konstantin Shpinev. “The constant monitoring of network events using AI allows providers to detect and warn operators and users of all home network malfunctions – securely and quickly. For users, accessibility is first and foremost important”, Shpinev continued.

“Our partnership with Minim expands the Trusted Home platform further. With Trusted Home running in Paris, two locations in the US, Amsterdam and now also in Russia, we are increasing the platform’s global potential. Irdeto and Minim’s capabilities to deploy multi-cloud across various continents will ensure business efficiencies generate additional revenue in the process and deliver Trusted Home to an increasing customer base across the globe”, said Shane McCarthy, Chief Operating Officer of Video Entertainment at Irdeto.

Microimpuls, an innovative developer of technologies for IPTV and OTT content, operates a proprietary subscriber network to communicate live with end users and manage end-user experiences. The company creates applications for devices including smart TVs, smartphones, set-top boxes, media players, and more. Microimpuls is the first to bring Trusted Home’s benefits to the country’s service providers and end users. The Trusted Home datacenter located in Moscow will be devoted to users in Russia, complying with the country’s local data-protection and privacy laws.

Russia has ramped its Internet connections significantly in the last decade. A 2019 study on Russian media consumption by Deloitte found more than 50% of Russians have access to Wi-Fi, with more than 40% having a dedicated cable connection.

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