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Irdeto and SyncShield partner to secure connected vehicles

AMSTERDAM – September 14, 2021 – Irdeto, the world leader in digital security, today announces a partnership with SyncShield, one of the most advanced tools to automate centralized management, monitoring and security for all connected devices on any IoT platform. SyncShield Device Management Platform is combined with Irdeto’s industry-leading cybersecurity solutions to provide tools to centrally manage and update device fleets in the field.

Irdeto’s product suite for connected vehicles includes solutions such as Anomaly Detection System (ADS) for cybersecurity related risk management and the award-winning Keystone for protecting software on the in-vehicle systems. The Irdeto and SyncShield collaboration brings new centralization and monitoring elements to Irdeto’s solution offering protecting vehicles on the Connected Transport industry.

Irdeto ADS provides early warning of cyberthreats and SyncShield strengthens this by providing the vehicle operators with improved remote monitoring, detection and control tools as well as updating the system when and if needed with these threats. The combined solution enables fleet operators  to review the current status of vehicles in the field and associated diagnostics information by integrating this  into the existing business processes.  This capability further streamlines operations by reducing operational costs by automating routine tasks, such as device deployment, setup and updates.

Niels Haverkorn, SVP and General Manager of Irdeto Connected Transport, said: “The world of connected mobility brings endless possibilities for manufacturers, consumers and those with innovative new business ideas. At Irdeto, we believe that connectivity shouldn’t be feared as we provide solutions to prevent cyberattacks and help protect assets. We are excited to work with SyncShield as it complements our needs in device management and over-the-air updates. This allows Irdeto to expand the capabilities of our solution for our customers. SyncShield has been easy to customize to Irdeto’s specific products and we are excited to offer these increased benefits to our customers.”

“Combining expertise from Irdeto and SyncShield brings a new very secure, holistic approach and solution for the transport industry. Automation of Over-the-air (OTA) operations and seamless integration to other backend systems brings connected devices as part of entire business process , enabling new business possibilities while saving money from the process of keeping the vehicle devices up to date throughout the entire device life cycle. SyncShield mission is to make device management transparent, more convenient and to provide endless benefits to the vehicle operators”, said Tero Takalo, CEO of SyncShield.

About SyncShield

SyncShield is the first device management platform that brings total transparency to connected devices operations, automates Over-the-Air operations and integrates seamlessly to business processes, with minimal vendor lock-ins. The company has 20 years of expertise in patented wireless software connectivity innovations and has also participated to standardization of device management protocols as part of Open Mobile Alliance. SyncShield headquarters and R&D is located in EU country Finland, famous for high tech innovations and cyber security.

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