Irdeto joins Terkko, the largest Health hub in Finland

Irdeto is the first to offer medical device cyber security tailored to each product lifecycle stage.

Amsterdam, March 14, 2022 – Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform cybersecurity, today is proud to announce that it has joined the Terkko Health Hub, the largest health, medtech, and life science hub in Finland. As a partner of Terkko, Irdeto will offer its Connected Health portfolio to startups to help them ensure they have the right security technology and processes in place early in the device lifecycle. 

Terkko Health Hub acts as an accelerator and an incubator for startups in Finland in collaboration with local and global partners. It unites 45 startups and a wide variety of companies under one roof that are constantly contributing to the initiative. Terkko provides various amenities to its members, like offices, access to meeting rooms, postal services, etc. and about 200 events a year for the healthcare community. Being located in the heart of Helsinki’s medical campus, Terkko is at the junction of the HUS Helsinki University Hospital, the Faculty of Medicine of University of Helsinki, and HiLIFE, the Helsinki Institute of Life Science.

A security solution for medical devices must protect firmware from tampering, secure the data stored by the device, secure communication, and protect the device from cyberattacks. This can only be achieved by building in security from the early stages of the design and product lifecycle. Through the partnership with Terkko, Irdeto will help startups secure their products from the concept stage, allowing more companies to achieve market access by meeting the market compliance regulations in the United States and the European Union. By working with companies, Irdeto has also developed a web-based assessment tool enabling medical device providers to examine their cybersecurity and regulatory preparedness under the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and the European In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Regulation (IVDR).

Irdeto’s Connected Health portfolio offers cybersecurity solutions for medical devices’ cybersecurity needs through enterprise-grade solutions for early-stage medical devices, software as a medical device, and IoMT companies. From a cybersecurity strategy to designing security into medical devices or SaMD and monitoring their vulnerabilities after their market deployment, Irdeto’s suite of proven services and solutions are architected to satisfy “state-of-the-art” medical device cybersecurity requirements.

“The partnership reinforces Irdeto’s commitment to ensuring new connected medical devices get proper cybersecurity right from the early stages of the product lifecycle. We are excited about the opportunities this will open to the local startups, enabling them to provide secure products to their customers, establishing themselves as strong players in the healthcare space, ensuring patient safety, system availability, and protecting private health data,” said Steeve Huin, CMO and Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Irdeto.

“The startups in our hub are determined to improve and save lives, so this is an opportunity we are very proud to present to all our members through the partnership with Irdeto. Our mission is to promote a new form of collaboration between entrepreneurship, research, and healthcare and offer a helping hand to make our startups grow and flourish,” said Rashad Ismayilzada, Head of Partnerships at Terkko.

About Terkko

Terkko Health Hub is a startup community, a co-working space, and an event venue focusing on health and life sciences. It houses startups, researchers, corporates, entrepreneurship society Helsinki Think Company, an early-stage idea accelerator Terkko Health X and a unique three-year incubator program  Health Incubator Helsinki. In addition, Terkko organizes monthly events to support its members – Community Get-togethers, CEO Meetups, and Investor Meetups. Terkko also manages the flagship event Health Talks which unites all the health and life science actors in Finland to share relevant content with entrepreneurs.