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Irdeto responds to COVID-19 by donating software protection for those fighting the global pandemic

In these unprecedented times of reliance on connectivity for critical services, enhanced security is needed to keep the world healthy and safe


AMSTERDAM, April 28 2020 — More than 2.5 million people across the globe have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and as the world comes together to focus on slowing the spread of the virus and determining how to safely restart the world economy, a growing list of companies and start-ups are rallying to help those in need during the pandemic.

Irdeto, the world leader in cybersecurity, is donating its technical expertise and software protection solutions to companies who are contributing to fight the COVID-19 epidemic.

Manufacturers are rushing to design and produce ventilators in order to meet global demand, educational institutions are struggling with how to implement online learning and innovative developers across the world are creating apps to help track, trace and monitor the virus. Further to this, people are using telehealth and telemedicine to remotely diagnose and support patients, and digital security becomes more critical than ever before.  Additionally, those institutions that are collecting data to help mitigate the spread and predict health patterns are under attack from malicious actors who are looking to undermine efforts.

This is where Irdeto can help. By donating software protection to those companies involved in this global fight, Irdeto is eliminating the fear of cyberattacks by underpinning these innovative services, apps and solutions with premium security.  Companies can rely on creating life-saving applications, platforms and online services, while Irdeto provides the enhanced security that is needed to make sure these tools and applications run as intended, and to keep critical data such as patient information safe.

“As a company, we believe in shared responsibility – in global solidarity – and we understand that it will take a joint effort to a battle this threat. We can’t secure people from COVID-19, but we can secure the valuable data, apps and platforms that are helping in the fight against it,” said Steeve Huin, VP Business Development, Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Irdeto.

By all working together, we can beat COVID-19. For more information, and to continue to discussion on how we can work together please click the link below.



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