Irdeto TraceMark Original Watermark completes Cartesian robustness test

The Farncombe Security Audit is recognized by studios and sports right holders worldwide as a measure of a solution’s suitability to protect premium content

AMSTERDAM, February 3, 2022 – Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform cybersecurity, today announces  that its Irdeto TraceMark™ solution has successfully completed a thorough Farncombe Security Audit® Watermark testing by Cartesian, an independent expert specialized in assessing security for the digital entertainment and media industries. Irdeto’s TraceMark forensic watermarking embedding and detection technology has been evaluated with excellent results against the Cartesian updated 2021 method on its robustness against pirate attacks.  

To complete the audit and assess the robustness of Irdeto TraceMark, the Cartesian security team conducted a series of piracy and tampering attacks simulating real-life techniques used to circumvent, remove, or destroy the watermark and enable the illegal reproduction and distribution of video content. The attacks were conducted at varying levels to ascertain at what point the watermark is no longer recoverable. The higher the intensity of an attack and the quantity of different types of attacks the solution can withstand provide a measure of how robust the solution is. The techniques executed included compression, downscaling, cropping, aspect ratio alteration, and collusion. The complete results of the audit are available upon request.

Cartesian is trusted and recommended by the major Hollywood studios. Its auditing services comply to the studios rigorous standards, including MovieLabs Enhanced Content Protection specification for Ultra HD and 4K content. The Farncombe Security Audit® Watermark provides confidence in the robustness of the watermark technology tested.

The completion of the audit process confirms that Irdeto technology is highly resistant against pirate attacks on video content. Not only does the technology protect the content, but it also identifies the pirates who attempt such an attack.

“From sports leagues to large studios in Hollywood, premium content distributors and owners need to protect their assets and watermarking solutions have become the industry standard against piracy attacks,” said Shane McCarthy, Chief Operating Officer for Video Entertainment at Irdeto. “We are thrilled to have the Cartesian tests prove just how robust and resilient Irdeto’s TraceMark is.”

Irdeto TraceMark, an award-winning patented Forensic Watermarking solution, enhances enterprise security efforts throughout the content value chain. It supports different use cases, from tracking security weaknesses in distribution channels to identifying individual pirate sessions to disrupt unauthorized streams at the source. Irdeto TraceMark is pre-integrated with other components of Irdeto’s 360 Security Suite to deliver higher levels of security and ease of management enabling premium content to be conveniently and widely offered to consumers on any screen.

Cartesian, an independent consultancy company for the communications and digital media industries, has been carrying out security reviews for 20 years. The Farncombe Security Audit™ Mark was launched in 2016 to provide a publicly recognizable indication that a security audit has taken place, and that a report is available from the solution vendor.

About Cartesian Inc

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