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Irdeto wins big at the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2021

Leader in digital platform security wins a total of 20 awards across industry, company, products and services categories 

AMSTERDAM, March 3, 2021 — Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform security, today announced that it has won 20 awards at this year’s Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, highlighted by recognition as ‘Best Cybersecurity Company Europe’ as well as ‘Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company Europe’. The annual event, which recognizes companies, products and professionals that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security, also awarded Irdeto gold recognition within the digital rights management, connected home, automotive, construction and threat intelligence categories, among others. In addition, Irdeto’s Head of Marketing Lisa Spencer was named ‘Marketer of the Year’ and Vice President Mark Mulready’s team was honored as the ‘Cybersecurity Services Team of the Year’.

The full list of award wins includes:

  • Gold Winner – Best Cybersecurity Company Europe
  • Gold Winner – Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company Europe
  • Gold Winner – Advanced Persistent Threat Protection – Denuvo by Irdeto Anti-Cheat
  • Gold Winner – Best Cyber Threat Intelligence – Online Piracy Detection
  • Gold Winner – Best Application Security – Irdeto Trusted Software
  • Gold Winner – Best Bot Defense – Denuvo by Irdeto Anti-Cheat
  • Gold Winner – Cybersecurity Team of the Year – Irdeto Cyber Services Team of Mark Mulready
  • Gold Winner – Best Breach Protection – Denuvo by Irdeto Anti-Tamper
  • Gold Winner – Best Cybersecurity for Connected Home – Keys & Credentials for Routers
  • Gold Winner – Best Cybersecurity for Connected Home – Trusted Home by Irdeto/Minim
  • Gold Winner – Best Digital Rights Management – Irdeto Control
  • Gold Winner – Best Digital Rights Management – Denuvo by Irdeto Anti-Tamper
  • Gold Winner – Cybersecurity Marketer of the Year – Lisa Spencer
  • Gold Winner – Best Construction Industry Cybersecurity – Keystone by Irdeto
  • Gold Winner – Best Software Cybersecurity – Cloakware by Irdeto
  • Gold Winner – Best Cybersecurity Technology – Trusted Home by Irdeto/Minim
  • Gold Winner – Best Client-Side Cybersecurity – Denuvo by Irdeto Anti-Cheat
  • Gold Winner – Best Data-Centric Security – Denuvo by Irdeto Mobile Telemetry
  • Gold Winner – Best Endpoint Security – Denuvo by Irdeto Anti-Cheat
  • Silver Winner – Best Automotive Cybersecurity – Keystone by Irdeto

“We’re delighted to have received so much recognition at this year’s Cybersecurity Excellence Awards”, said Doug Lowther, CEO at Irdeto.  “I’m very proud of our great team around the world, and grateful to our customers for entrusting Irdeto with their cybersecurity requirements.  Helping people and companies to embrace connectivity without fear is Irdeto’s vision, and we’re especially honored that this year’s awards have demonstrated our progress towards this vision, highlighting our technology, people, and ability to partner with other industry leaders”.

Irdeto has an impressive record of success, having protected the world’s best brands for more than half a century.  As industries and technologies advanced, Irdeto has been at the forefront, creating the high level of security standards that are needed to protect everything in a connected world.

A breakdown of Irdeto awards:

Denuvo by Irdeto, the global leader in games protection and anti-piracy technology, cleaned the table in seven categories with multiple protection products. Denuvo Anti-Cheat was awarded in categories ‘Advanced Persistent Threat Protection’, ‘Bot Defense’, ‘Client-Side Security’ and ‘Endpoint Security’. Denuvo Anti-Tamper, a solution to protect new games and revenue from piracy, was recognized as the winner in categories of ‘Breach Protection’ and ‘Digital Rights Management (DRM)’. Denuvo’s recently launched Mobile Telemetry won the category ‘Data-Centric Security’.

Keystone by Irdeto, a secure access management platform for automotive and off-highway vehicles, won the ‘Construction’ and ‘Automotive’ categories of Industry Solution Awards for making smart rental safe and easy. Keystone by Irdeto is a secure, policy-based vehicle digital key solution that leverages Bluetooth Low Energy technology to enable proximity-based vehicle access using a smartphone. Additionally, by supporting shared mobility use cases, the Keystone solution serves as a significant market differentiator.

Trusted Home, a Wi-Fi management and security solution for broadband providers, was recognized in the categories of ‘Technology’ and ‘Cybersecurity for Connected Home’. Trusted Home, developed by Irdeto and Minim, is an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven network security and Wi-Fi management solution for broadband providers (ISPs) to protect their customers’ home networks. In addition, Irdeto’s Keys & Credentials for Routers and Irdeto Control were both awarded in the ‘Cybersecurity for Connected Home’ category, highlighting Irdeto’s vast understanding of the customers’ need to secure and control of their own home network. With Trusted Home and Keys & Credentials for Routers, Irdeto helps broadband service providers deliver flawless in-home Wi-Fi while also protecting subscriber homes and their own data infrastructure from security breaches.

Cloakware Software Protection, used to protect software application by using conceal proprietary algorithms and secrets, including cryptographic keys, was awarded in the category of ‘Software’ while Irdeto’s Trusted Software, a fully automated managed service to protect iOS and Android applications, won the ‘Application Security’ category. Finally, Irdeto Online Piracy Detection, managed service which is tailored to every customer’s unique needs, was recognized as the winner of the ‘Cyber Threat Intelligence’ category.

Mark Mulready, Irdeto’s VP of Cyber Services, and his team were recognized for their work in the ‘Cybersecurity team of the Year’ category. Mulready leads the Irdeto Cyber Services Team which combines decades of experience in online and field investigations, with custom-built technological tools. The team protects customers from security and cyber threats including intellectual property infringements, online piracy and cybercrimes. The team of computer forensic analysts, cyber security analysts, and engineers has grown by 300% in the last five years; demonstrating the need for the team’s expertise.

Lisa Spencer, Irdeto’s Head of Marketing, was recognized for leading Irdeto’s marketing team to overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19. Spencer quickly steered the focus to shoring up Irdeto’s digital platforms, with a clear emphasis on lead generation. The team is tracking to achieve a 90% increase in lead generation compared to last year, with an all-digital approach. In addition, the marketing team is regarded as a model team within Irdeto, with high engagement and the NPS scores above the company as a whole.

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