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New global Irdeto survey reveals game developers’ security concerns

84% of game developers are concerned with tampering and piracy

AMSTERDAM – January 25, 2022 – New research conducted by Irdeto in collaboration with Omdia found that 84% of game developers are continuously concerned about tampering and piracy. In-game cheating is a concern for 70% of respondents, a feeling that increases among larger companies, where 85% express worry. Denuvo by Irdeto, the world leader in Video Games Protection Technology, today releases an exclusive report on the cybersecurity needs and pain points of game developers.

The survey results indicate a clear need for solutions and products that protect games from tampering and cheating to secure game developers’ revenue streams as well as ensure continued gamer engagement. Over 70% of respondents mention revenue loss as the primary risk of tampering and piracy. Cheating is also an important concern as 69% of respondents express worry that cheating will result in declined user engagement, which has a direct link to revenue loss. These concerns are well-founded since one in five of respondents felt that foul play has had a negative impact on revenue. However, what is most concerning is that not everyone knows the impact of tampering and cheating. In fact, nearly 40% of respondents simply do not know to what degree they had been affected by tampering and cheating; this figure increased to 54% among independent developers. This is worrisome as unawareness of the impact of piracy results in inadequate response to ensure fair game – and protect revenue.

It is important to highlight that not all games – single-player titles, for example – are ruined by cheating, but it is evident that the threat to revenue loss is a serious problem in the industry and needs to be addressed.

What is clear, though, is that those companies who invest in anti-cheat and anti-tamper technologies see the immense value in protecting their games, revenue and players from nefarious actors; 93% of those using anti-cheat and anti-tamper solutions are satisfied with the protection and value brought by game protection technologies. Ease of use, competitive pricing, and, of course, protection of reputation and revenue are frequently cited as the positives of such services.

According to Reinhard Blaukovitsch, Managing Director at Denuvo, the findings of the report confirm the need of strong anti-cheat and anti-tamper solutions, regardless of the company. “Denuvo has been providing cutting edge and innovative services that can help protect the integrity of games to the benefit of all industry players. The security concerns touch developers of all sizes on all platforms and a proper game protection helps to maintain engaged gamers as well as secure a healthy revenue stream.”

The niche survey was conducted in November–December 2021 and the 70 respondents represented a wide range of geographies, device types and organizations within the game development industry.

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