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Broadband Providers

Broadband solutions to delight customers, increase cybersecurity, and lower costs

Consumers look for providers they can trust

Consumers want Wi-Fi internet that is fast, seamless and accessible everywhere in their home. They demand a secure and reliable connection from their internet service provider. They also expect rapid support to fix any blind-spots in that “whole-home” experience.  Subscribers that are not delighted with their connectivity and service level, or confident that their data is in safe hands, will be quick to find a competitor ISP.

Operators need to deliver exceptional customer experience and operational efficiencies

With the broadband market reaching saturation, ISPs are increasingly focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences alongside operational efficiency and effectiveness. They need tools that enable better customer self-service and help their agents see what’s happening beyond the home gateway. The goal is to eliminate unnecessary service calls and truck rolls, reduce call times, and increase customer satisfaction and lower churn.

At the same time, broadband  customer premise equipment (CPE) now sits at the center of the “connected home”. As a result, it has become an attractive target to bad actors. Insecure CPE offers a route to subscriber data and devices in the home as well as sensitive customer and corporate data on the broadband service provider’s own infrastructure. ISPs must protect their CPE from malware threats and authentication flaws if they are to maintain a trusted role in the home and avoid huge remediation costs.

With Keys and Credentials for Routers, broadband service providers can deliver flawless in-home Wi-Fi while also protecting subscriber homes and their own data infrastructure from security breaches.

Deliver great experience, safeguard subscribers and your servers – or pay the price

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