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Branding Guidelines

We aim to maximize the impact and value of our corporate identity by presenting a consistent and public face that is unique to Irdeto. This page gives guidelines for use of Irdeto’s logo, colors and other brand related assets.

If you have a specific question or have a need that is not covered in this page, please contact

Corporate Logo

The Irdeto logo is our key visual symbol that identifies the company and reinforces its name. It is to be placed on all Irdeto communication materials, internally and externally. It can be used in the ways presented in this section.

Questions about any other use should be directed to Irdeto’s Creative & Digital Marketing team.

Usage of logo

The Irdeto logo is available for use as follows:

  • Full color logo on light background.
  • White logo on colored background.

Other variations of the logo (or the creation of new logos) are not permitted without permission from the Irdeto Marketing team.

  • Do not distort or stretch logo.
  • Do not alter the coloration of the logo.
  • Do not print logo without the blocks.
  • Do not create an outline around the logo.
  • Do not alter the position of the blocks.
  • Do not place the logo inside a frame.
  • Do not print the logo with a drop shadow or any other effect.

The minimum amount of clear space around our corporate logo should always be half the height of the logo. So, if the logo height is 200px, then the clear space around the logo should be 100px. Visually, this can be calculated by ensuring the space around the logo is at least half the height of the tallest letters – “i,” “d” or “t.”

Corporate Colors

Consistent color usage is integral to the integrity of the Irdeto brand. For printing, when Pantone colors can be specified, use Pantone (PMS) 260 and Pantone (PMS) 583 C, when Pantone colors cannot be specified, use the four-color (CMYK) process equivalents provided.

Please make sure to take a look at the ‘Branding look and feel’ section in this page for the correct color usage balance.





R.93 – G.23 – B.106


C.66 – M.100 – Y.8 – K.27

260 C



RGB: R.93 – G.23 – B.106

HEX: #5d176a

CMYK: C.66 – M.100 – Y.8 – K.27

PMS: 260 C





R.60 – G.60 – B.60


C.0 – M.0 – Y.0 – K.92




RGB: R.60 – G.60 – B.60

HEX: #3c3c3c

CMYK: C.0 – M.0 – Y.0 – K.92

PMS: n.a.





R.174 – G.191 – B.30


C.25 – M.0 – Y.100 – K.15

583 C



RGB: R.174 – G.191 – B.30

HEX: #aebf1e

CMYK: C.25 – M.0 – Y.100 – K.15

PMS: 583 C

Corporate Font

The font is used on the corporate website and graphical projects. It was chosen for its modern look, versatility (multiple weights/styles). This font is a specialized font and is used primarily in Marketing-produced materials.

Titillium Web

The quick brown fox
jumps over the lazy dog.

Brand look and feel

We use the purple color as a contrast color for e.g. titles, buttons and highlighted text. For banners, covers and backgrounds we use an gradient. The overall look and feel should be clean and corporate like the examples below.