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Irdeto License Management

Protect your software and income with the top license management solution

Get independent and distribute your software on your own terms securely

Hassle-free software

Choose the way users activate their software: by entering activation credentials or by providing their unique license serial key.

Flexible license

Decide how many times a piece of software can be (re)installed, the validation periods of licenses and how many times each of them can be activated.

Secure licensing

Users meeting the activation criteria get their software activated by a secure protocol directly from our servers.

Securing software and revenue

Prevent unlicensed usage
of your software

Protect your software intellectual property

Enforce the license agreement with end-users

Basic Protection

  • Self-service
  • Easy to apply
  • Highly compatible
  • Available for Linux and Mac over SDK

Advanced Protection

  • Denuvo Anti-Tamper
  • Security proven in the games industry
  • Easy to apply
  • Protection triggers at runtime
  • Initial setup required per application

Create your own PC platform (Windows, Linux, macOS) to:

Widen your reach and enjoy full control over distribution of your games or software.

Save up to 30% of the revenue typically paid to other platform providers.

Attract more users by offering a lower price than the biggest software platforms.

Build a fruitful relationship with your user base that has accounts on your platform.

Irdeto License Management in numbers

applications protected

licenses issued

PCs validated

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