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Irdeto reshapes electric vehicle charging with Irdeto CrossCharge

The innovative solution makes electric car charging fast, safe, and freely available, setting a milestone for interoperability in the global EV ecosystem

AMSTERDAM – March 16, 2023 – Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform cybersecurity, today announces the launch of Irdeto CrossCharge, a new complete set of managed services to create, distribute, discover, validate, and revoke vehicle identities and charging contracts that makes charging seamless for the end users.

With this new solution, Irdeto is creating the world’s largest and most reliable virtual charging network for electric vehicles by connecting all Charging Point Operators (CPOs). It will work as a clearing house that allows drivers to roam between different CPOs as easily as they roam between different mobile phone networks, removing the need for the cumbersome app, card, and token-based payments.

Just as electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common, the current mobility challenge has become the growth of the EV charging infrastructure. In Europe, just three countries – Germany, France and the Netherlands – account for 69 percent of all charging points across the EU, while 10 European countries do not have a single charger per 100 km of road. In one of many initiatives in the region, the EU Commission has approved the German government’s €1.8 billion EV charging support scheme to boost the uptake of electric mobility.

In the US, President Joe Biden recently pledged to invest US$7.5 billion in the country to tackle a sparse network of power sources for electric vehicles that is hampering the switch from fossil-based transport. The American government will also invest US$10 billion in clean transportation and over US$7 billion in EV battery components, critical minerals, and materials on the path to net-zero emissions by 2050.

Public charging opportunities continue to expand and are becoming more interoperable, but they still include a wide variety of stakeholders that need to be aligned and arrange different business agreements in order to make charging networks widely accessible. In order for these networks of companies to access EV funds such as the ones being offered by the American government, it will be mandatory to have the appropriate technology.

Charging Point Operators, Mobility Service Providers (MSPs), Original Equipment Manufacturers of electric vehicles (EV OEMs), and many other stakeholders in the Electric Vehicle Environment (EVE) are dealing with the urgent challenge of becoming part of the global e-Mobility ecosystem while making EV charging easier for everyone. This is work-intensive and time-consuming.

Irdeto CrossCharge has become the easiest route for OEMs, CPOs, and MSPs to create or participate in charging ecosystems that enable their customers to access a smooth charging experience through a reliable, and secure service designed with and for them. It provides a complete set of managed services for all EV ecosystem participants, meaning that companies only need one contract and interface to give their EV customers easy access to all charging stations. This new technology enables EV drivers to authenticate easily at the charge point. Authorization is made by simply plugging in the vehicle to the station, whereas the vehicle and the charging station’s backend system exchange needed data seamlessly. Including technology like Irdeto CrossCharge is also a requirement for receiving public funding in the United States.

For the OEMs, CPOs, and MSPs it results in faster time to market, reduced capital expenditure, and scalable operational expenditure. Irdeto currently manages over 1 billion keys and 350 million certificates for their customers worldwide – more than the electric vehicle industry is expected to need in the coming ten years. Companies no longer need to partner up and arrange one-to-one integrations with all other stakeholders to provide EV users with a hassle-free service.

“Our solution will increase cross-border mobility and enable the creation of an interoperable charging network accessible anywhere at any time, which is paramount to improve the Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure, enhance the user experience, further accelerating EV adoption”, said Niels Haverkorn, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Connected Transport. “We are proud of this significant step in easing to the transition towards e-Mobility and a cleaner, greener more sustainable future.”

Irdeto CrossCharge further empowers software engineers and EV charging experts to focus on developing customer-oriented, easy–to–use EV charging solutions to further foster the adoption of electric vehicles.

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