Put customers in control of their WiFi Internet and turn your agents into WiFi experts to boost customer loyalty, increase ARPU, and decrease service costs

Consumers want Wi-Fi that just works

Connected devices play an increasingly central role in our homes. But growing dependence on WiFi in the home creates new expectations of their broadband service beyond “fast” internet. Cyber security fears, frustrations with poor connectivity, and concerns about child safety online are on the rise. Consumers who feel their service fall short of expectations will vote with their feet and find a new provider.

Operators look to provide more efficient service

With growth slowing down, focus on operational efficiencies and effectiveness are increasing. Operators are looking for tools to provide better self-service to their customers and to help their agents see what’s happening beyond the gateway to eliminate unnecessary service calls and truck rolls, reduce call times, and increase customer satisfaction and lower churn.

Trusted Home is a Wi-Fi management and security solution for broadband providers. Its intuitive self-care app and service portal puts subscribers in control of security, connectivity and family browsing in their homes and transforms support teams into connectivity and security experts. It boosts customer satisfaction, decreases service costs, and lowers churn.

Trusted Home gives broadband subscribers what they really need : Control

Smart Detection

IoT fingerprinting identifies all devices. AI reveals abnormal behaviour and alerts users to potential threats.

Simple Self-Care

User-friendly iOS & Android app lets consumers run speed & performance tests and see a timeline of all network events.

Instant Blocking

External attacks are stopped automatically, along with unauthorized device-to-device contact within the home.


Users are guided to optimal settings for connectivity and security. They can opt to let Trusted Home do the work.

Custom Parental Controls

Families are empowered to set screen time limits, filter content, block ads and define homework/bedtime hours.

Easy Self-Install

Dynamic device discovery and set-up wizards make placement of routers and mesh Wi-Fi extenders simple for all.

Strengthen your reputation for Wi-Fi management while lowering your costs

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Delight all subscribers to limit churn & drive new acquisitions. Or increase ARPU with a fee-based model that’s inclusive to high value subscriptions.

Reduce Support Costs

Limit truck rolls and cut support call volumes and duration with real-time visibility and control of all devices in the home.

Actionable Market Insights

Focus marketing messages more effectively as detailed data on bandwidth and device usage patterns identifies candidates for upgrades.

Retain Procurement Freedom

Deliver the same UX on any CPE, including existing, in-field routers. Maintain flexibility to buy from any hardware vendor.

How it works?

trusted home


An intuitive and easy setup process allows home users to be up and running in no time. Scan the QR code, plug into the modem, and the subscriber is ready to go.

Want to add an extender? No problem. We have it covered. Follow the simple tips on where to install the extender to receive the best Wi-Fi connection anywhere in the home.

Mobile App

The Trusted Home App gives home users instant control to their home network. It provides easy to follow guidance for home users to troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues, monitor and secure their connected devices, and manage their family’s online usage. It enables home users to get the best from their broadband subscription and eliminates unneeded support calls.

trusted home
trusted home

Care Agent Portal

Give your customer care team the visibility to proactively manage and secure networks with the Trusted Care Portal®, an intuitive web app. It turns customer care reps into instant experts on connected homes. It gives them real-time visibility of all devices are connected to the home network, with guidance on how to diagnose and fix customer issues.

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