Trusted Home

Trusted Home is an AI-driven security and Wi-Fi management solution for broadband providers. Its intuitive self-care app for Android and iOS puts subscribers in control of security, connectivity and family browsing in their homes.

The Trusted Home software agent can be installed remotely onto existing CPE (routers, gateways etc.) or deployed on the pre-integrated Mesh hardware. The ISP enjoys increased ARPU and sales, plus significantly reduced support costs.

The software and a secure SaaS platform monitor Wi-Fi usage in the home to detect and block security threats and to make recommendations or auto-tune settings to improve connectivity and Wi-Fi performance. Easy-to-use features include parental controls and ad-blocking.

Instantly transform your subscribers and support teams into connectivity and security experts with Trusted Home.

Are you looking for a revenue-generating service for Connected Home management?

Trusted Home: The value-add subscribers really want

Reduce churn and drive acquisition through improved customer satisfaction
Trusted Home helps keep existing customers satisfied, reducing churn on broadband and associated IPTV or OTT products that depend heavily on Wi-Fi quality. Trusted Home’s enhanced visibility of the devices and data usage patterns in the home can also enable fast, proactive customer care and business insights to drive tailored offerings and higher ARPU.

Increase ARPU with an offering the customer really wants
Network operators already using the Trusted Home technology see an average uptake of 60% within their customer base. Trusted Home’s convenience, premium user experience, peace of mind and Mesh Wi-Fi options are valuable differentiators for high-ARPU premium subscription packages.

Limit upfront investment and risk
Operators can benefit from Trusted Home on their existing CPE without the expense or disruption of replacing or adding hardware. It is pre-integrated with many devices including Mesh platforms. Integration effort for further devices is low. Trusted Home’s consumer app is easily customized to the operator’s own brand and integrated into existing consumer apps.

Eliminate hardware lock-in
Trusted Home isn’t tied to specific hardware, leaving ISPs free to procure the CPE of their choice now and in the future. This helps them to achieve better price-performance for best-in-class hardware and software platforms.

Reduce customer care costs
The intuitive consumer self-care app decreases call volumes to operator helpdesks. For those calls that are made, Trusted Home’s insight into the home care agents to resolve connectivity and security issues quickly, without costly “truck rolls”.

Safeguard brand and reputation
Trusted Home helps operators build their reputation for security excellence and mitigate the risk of reputational damage from breaches, malware and denial of service.

See Trusted Home in Action

Demonstration kits are available to help broadband service providers and partners test drive Trusted Home and see its value for themselves. 

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