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Fight for control of the TV screen intensifies

What was once the domain of pay-TV operators is now coveted by TV manufacturers, platform players, and streaming apps. Are your customers keeping your service on Input 1 on their TVs?

Native apps can turn into technical and operational headaches

Developing and maintaining native apps can lead to high ongoing costs since various versions of the same application across various platforms and updates are regularly to fix bugs and glitches. Is maintaining native apps not as simple as you expected?

Online video consumption not always simple

Connecting the Smart TV to the internet is required not only to download the app on the TV but also to consume content online. Consumers must find the app, go through the terms & conditions and then go with the download process which can be lengthy or fail. Are you customer frustrated?

The Irdeto Operator Application is an HbbTV Op App hosted on Irdeto’s CI Plus conditional access modules. It enables pay-TV operators to deliver a consistent branded experience over different TV brands and to retain control as it becomes the primary interface when the TV is switched on.

Benefits of Irdeto Op App

branded UI

The same operator-branded UI is used on all certified HbbTV devices, regardless of make and model.

Low effort
to launch

Irdeto ensures that the operator application is certified with each TV manufacturer.

Ease of

The app can be installed without connectivity and without visiting an app store to find, download and login to a streaming app.


No need for iOS or Android developers or costs associated to certify and maintain a native app.

Want to learn more about how Irdeto’s HbbTV Op App can help you deliver a consistent branded experience over different TV brands and to retain control?

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