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Irdeto CrossCharge V2G root

The open foundation of trust for secure Electric Vehicle (EV) charging

An independent Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) root created at the request of the industry stakeholders by cybersecurity professionals.


Available for North America and the European Union.

Openly governed

Every customer has a seat in the Governance Board that approves the certificate policies.

Reliable, scalable and here to stay

We’ve been in the business for 50+ years; we manage 2+ billion keys and 350 certificates for our customers.

Secure and compliant

We are ISO 15118-2-, ISO 15118-20- and ISO 27001-compliant.

Certificate policies

Why is it called the CharIN V2G PKI Root?

In February 2024 Irdeto purchased the European V2G Root of the Charging Initiative (CharIN) e.V. For the time being, we have chosen to retain the original naming.

If you’d like to learn more about the acquisition, you can read more here.

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