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Assured Telematics partners with Irdeto to empower fleets with leading keyless telematics solutions

With Keystone, fleet managers can easily issue new keys and revoke old ones, making driver changes smoother than ever and eliminating the need to carry physical identification keys

BOSTON, October 20, 2022 – Assured Telematics (“ATI”), the industry leader in providing enterprise fleets with custom telematics solutions and applications, and Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform cybersecurity, today announce a new partnership in which commercial fleet customers can now integrate Irdeto Keystone, a highly secure, permission-based digital key solution, within their fleet.

This ground-breaking solution integrates with all Fleet Management Systems and combines more than 50 years of Irdeto’s security knowledge and telematics data into a solution to help owners manage usage and access to their fleet. It can be installed seamlessly in less than half an hour and it was built to be vehicle brand/model/year agnostic, which means it works for everyone.

With wireless proximity technology, Keystone detects when authorized drivers are approaching the vehicle, allowing vehicle preconditioning even before the driver reaches it. By adding an access management solution to their fleets, contractors can now control who has access to their vehicles, when the clients are allowed to operate them and how they can leverage certain features.

With Keystone, Fleet Managers can easily issue new keys and revoke old ones, making driver changes smoother than ever. The solution eliminates the physical key dispatch office and the need for drivers to carry their physical identification key. As a mobile-first solution, the contractor can manage the entire equipment management process from afar, from the moment equipment leaves their lot, to when it gets returned.

Keystone uses Bluetooth BLE to issue commands, such as open door and authorize engine start, in addition to setting vehicle preferences. This means it doesn’t require a network connection. It can operate without any connectivity in remote locations or places with unreliable mobile signals.

“Irdeto is excited to partner with Assured Telematics to provide enhanced fleet management through a truly keyless solution that helps fleets reduce the total cost of ownership while maximizing efficiency and security. Additionally, by supporting the emergence of shared mobility use cases, the Keystone solution serves as a significant market differentiator to fleet owners,” said Niels Haverkorn, SVP and General Manager for Connected Transport at Irdeto.

“Assured Telematics and Irdeto share a mutual goal of solving customer transportation challenges with a relentless commitment to the highest standards of security and fleet innovation. The partnership now allows customers to take advantage of the many benefits of keyless technology,” said Frank Pellitta, CEO of Assured Telematics.

Discover more about the Irdeto Keystone solution here.

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