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Superplus Games takes a stance against cheating and tampering with Denuvo Mobile protection

Finnish developer Superplus Games protects their new release Hills of Steel 2 with the Denuvo technology against cheating and tampering

AMSTERDAM – November 29, 2021Denuvo by Irdeto, the global leader in Video Games Protection and Anti-Piracy Technology, today announces the deployment of its mobile game protection by Superplus Games, a leading mobile game developer.

Denuvo Anti-Cheat and Denuvo Anti-Tamper for PC have a strong track record of protecting AAA PC titles for over a decade, and since June 2020, that same technology has been applied to mobile games to offer the same superior level of protection. The technology includes key security features such as integrity verification, protection against static and dynamic analysis and state-of-the-art obfuscation to ensure maximum protection against cheaters and hackers. It is also fine-tuned to each individual game title to ensure there is no performance impact while guaranteeing no false positives and maximum detection.

Denuvo’s solutions are built by gamers who are aware of the common hacks that cheaters use. The team ensures that there is zero performance impact during gameplay through profiling and the solution is easy to integrate on the final app which does not require source code modification. Working closely with game developers, all Denuvo security features are configurable to match the customer’s needs.

“We have integrated Denuvo mobile protection to our recently launched Hills of Steel 2 with excellent results. The Denuvo technology is effective, and it has given us the confidence that the cheats and tampering in the game will be limited. Having adequate game protection in place takes away any headaches regarding cheats that ruin the in-game experience or give certain players advantages over others. Our players want a fair game, after all,” says Tuomo Kuusisto, Product Lead of Hills of Steel 2.

Denuvo mobile protection can also be implemented as security as a service. The security is continuously improved and new features are made available without the customer needing to do any additional integration. Furthermore, Denuvo mobile telemetry data gives customers real-time insight into hacking attempts and the security status of the protected app.

“The surge of mobile games has resulted in rapidly increasing demand of reliable security protection for mobile. We have over a decade-long experience in working with game developers of all sizes and are happy to empower them to innovate by protecting and securing their assets and revenue with our technology,” said Reinhard Blaukovitsch, Managing Director of Denuvo.

“Our mobile protection technology has minimal impact on user’s experience while still guaranteeing maximum protection, which is one of the most important requirements from the game developers and publishers. We have worked closely with Superplus Games to ensure they can offer the best gaming experience for their gamers,” added Blaukovitsch.

Superplus Games is a mobile multiplayer game studio headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Launched in 2015 by a group of ex-Rovio developers, Superplus Games’ game releases, including Hills of Steel, Hills of Steel 2 and Oceans of Steel, are enjoyed by approximately 70 million players today.

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